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With hours to go before the opening of the Olympics in London, NBC has rung up $1 billion in advertising spending during the broadcast.  That’s beside the $6.5 million coming from President Obama’s re-election campaign.  The expenditures for the Olympics will reach NBC, NBC Sports, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo, Bravo and streaming website  Meanwhile, analysts figure the network will lose around $200 million.  A major part is being used to re-launch the new “Today Show” team as well as its new primetime lineup. Industry types say the Olympics should be a ratings boon to the struggling NBC.


President Obama’s Hollywood campaign fundraisers are drawing a backlash from left and right that he’s relying too much on stars and celeb contests.  One of his advocates huffed that it might effect swing votes and mobilize the right.  There was the June 14 $40k dinner at the NYC home of Sarah Jessica Parker, that drew much criticism. . .Claritin IS NOT CANDY!  Public health officials charge Merck’s entertainment tie-in campaign for children’s Claritin with the movie, “Madagascar 3,” as being “deceptive and dangerous and can confuse children”. . .Look for Ann Curry to leave NBC’s “Today Show” before the network’s coverage of the Olympics. . .


More than 173 million Americans are expected to spend $11 billion on party essentials including 3D televisions, team decor, apparel, food and beverages. Of those  expecting to watch the game, almost 63 million are planning to attend a party – up from last year’s 61 million, according to a new survey by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association.  About 5 million have or will buy a new television especially for the day. While commercials are king for the day, there are many companies using more cross-channel methods to draw viewers to their own websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. . .Meanwhile, American Express has shot out a promotional pitch to card-holders: “Immerse yourself in a truly European experience. . .Costa Concordia is sailing Feb. 25.” Yep. The ship that sunk and lost passengers. . .Then there’s Coronet Travel’s Joan Kiburz:“How about the way the Republicans are burying each other and giving President Obama enough material on them for his campaign?”


Through its terminal, Bloomberg. LP, has taught people to make money and now it’s turning to how to spend it via its monthly luxe magazine, “Bloomberg Pursuits”. . .”Sunday Night Football” with the Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers in which the Packers won, topped the ratings for the fifth straight week – up 20 percent over 2010. . .AA to LA’s power synagogues: On the Jewish High Holidays, stars came out on the left coast to atone. Barbra Streisand to Leo Baeck Temple; Adam Sandler at Khillat Israel; Jeremy Piven at Temple Israel of Hollywood; and Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher to Kabbalah Centre of L.A.. . .Former Beatles singer Paul McCartney, while just married for the third time, took out time to announce an 11-city tour – sans U.S.. . .Eva Longoria will headline another L.A. fundraiser for President Obama topping the premium St. Louis ticket at $25k. In L.A., ducats are pegged at a top price of $35k per.


Remember the old Coco’s restaurant on Lindbergh Boulevard in our mythical faubourg, that has remained vacant for a few years? Well, now there’s a sign in front touting “Old Blues Eyes Restaurant” with a likeness of the late crooner. Wonder if the owner is paying royalties to Sinatra’s estate. ‘Meantime, Sinatra’s house, that he and his family occupied in the 1940s in L.A.’s Holmby Hills, is on the sale block for $23.5 million. The Sinatras paid $250k for the four-bedroom palazzo. . .Heavy hitting Demos in Hollywood are reportedly disenchanted with President Obama, while stellar figures such as George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell and Steven Spielberg have each donated $35,000 to the Obama Victory Fund. . .Hey, advertising geniuses, the Jack-In-The-Box account is up for grabs. The company’s ad budget last year rose to almost $100 million. . .


Yesteryear OB-GYN Dr. Kathy Maupin is poised to launch an anti-aging symposium in January for patients, said the “innovative medic” at Il Bel Lago this week. Her BioBalance Health firm has hung up a shingle in a free-standing building at Spoede and Olive Boulevard. On hand for a take in her company’s PR campaign were operatives Glen Jamboretz and Priscilla Visintine and Drs. Rober Hagan, David Crane, Kristin Tate, Ricardo Rao and Patricia McGuire. . .Molly Kodner, an intern 10 years ago at the Missouri Historical Museum, was to archive a set of letters from a Union soldier to his fiancee, Molly. Now, they are being published on a website 150 years to the day since they had been written. . . The David Bruno Gallery will host the exhibit of iconic artist Leslie Laskey’s work beginning Friday. . .ESPN has extended the contract for “Monday Night Football” through the 2021 season. . .The 28-acre estate in Massachusetts, Blue Heron Farm, where the Obama family R&Rs, is on the sale block for $24 m.. . .County Assessor Jake Zimmerman celebrated his marriage to Megan at Araka with the usual pols on hand including Chas Dooley and Barbara Fraser as well as Thompson Coburn mouthpieces. . .Parkway West grad Scott McGuire, son of Drs. Kathy and Mitch Botney, will do a cameo here in early October to premiere his first Hollywood release, “The Road to Freedom,” tracking the life of actor Errol Flynn and his lusty experiences in Cambodia.


Politicos from Sen. Claire McCaskill to Missouri state Auditor Tom “Owl Eyes” Schweich to Gov. Jay Nixon battle – with words and lawsuits – over disaster relief funds, perhaps Misourians victimized by the next tornado or flood will get a tad more federal aid if GOP hopeful Michelle Bachman replaces President Obama.  Bachman has a brother, Gary Amble, who lives in KC.  He happens to be a meteorologist for KCTV-5. . . .David Schwartz, the former Webster U. grad student who was terminated from his pusuit of a master’s degree in counseling for “lack of empathy,” will conduct an empathy workshop at the Zoo at noon tomorrow on the site of the polar bear exhibit, sez his mouthpiece and press agent Al Watkins. . .  Cannon Design is taking its signature charitable event, benefiting urban arts and education outreach on the road.  Proceeds will come frtom a three-day auction to support COCA and its urban arts programs.  Contributions have come in from renown architects Norman Foster, Michael Graves, Steven Holl, Helmut Jahn and others. . . A history professor claims that about this date in 1861. a Union general in our town “acting completely on his own and without precedent,” issued the first Emancipation Proclamation “a full year before Abraham Lincoln issued his own.” The fascinating 1,600 word saga involves two Missouri governors (Hamilton Gamble and Frank Blair), a military commander (Gen. David Hunter), a future GOP presidential candidate (John C. Fremont), a prominent abolitionist (Sen. Charles Sumner)and a Missouri First Lady who was the daughter of Thomas Hart Benton.  The academic, Michael Fellman, has authored eight books on the Civil War. . .Greg Marecek’s St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame has partnered with the Missouri Athletic Club to host the “St. Louis Rookies of the Year” Thursday, Sept. 22.  Many of the rookies will be on hand including Roy Sievers of the Browns, Cardinals Albert Pujols, Wally Moon, Vince Coleman and Todd Worrell.  Gridders to be honored are Johnny Roland, Ottis Anderson and Rams qb Sam Bradford. Others: Blues defenseman Barrett Jackman, the Hawks’ Bob Pettit, the St. Louis Stars’ Jim Leeeker and the Steamers’ Don Ebert and Steve Pecher.


Luncheon diners at the Des Peres Road Missouri Athletic Club joined in singing “Happy Birthday” to Stan Musial, the pride of the Cardinals. Then, surrounded by a bevy of longtime pals, Musial acknowledged the salute as he did the night before, when customer’s at Kreis’ Restaurant gave him a standing ovation as he arrived with family members. There, he proceeded to chow down on his favorite – crab cakes. At the MAC, he was toasted by automobile dealer Bill Suntrup, who said as he turned to Musial, “Your humility never fails to take our breaths away.” Entrepreneur Lester Miller, who will fly Musial, his wife, Lillian, and 30 members of his family to D.C. in January to accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama, recalled his youth when he worked at Brooklyn’s

Ebbets Field as a turn-style attendant. He said, “I watched Stan hit a ball into Bedford Avenue behind the ballpark.” Miller also told the group about Bill DeWitt, Jr’s early visit to Lester’s in Ladue, where Miller had commissioned the Musial statue in front of the restaurant. Miller said he told DeWitt, “My statue is better than yours and is now worth a lot of money.” Tomato bisque and sliced bananas were served Musial, while his grandson, Brian Schwarze, who once played with the Cardinals’ minor, confided, “All of the grandchildren endearingly call Stan “Poppo.” Asked by Pat Corley, if he was surprised the Yankees were beat, Musial nodded his head. Stan told the columnist, that in his youth, he wanted to play basketball. Dave Edmonds, who is married to Stan’s daughter, Jeanne, said

that he was able to tell Musial, who was in Poland at the time, about the birth of Edmonds’ son and Stan’s ninth grandchild. It seems Musial, who was in Poland at the time, had been informed with the help of former President George H.W. Bush, who worked out of the American Embassy there – all attributed to faulty long distance. “So, the birth of Andrew completed the team,” joked Edmonds.

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