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Judge Michael David and Michelle David

At the cocktail reception prior to the Lawyers Association Dinner & Gridiron at the Chase Hotel, Rex Burlison, director of the governor’s St. Louis office, said, “Jay will run for reelection to finish the work he’s begun. His campaign will begin with a Nov. 30 event.”  With his wife, Rita, Burlison was cornered by Peter Dunne, who collaborated on writing the gridiron show titled, “Tommy.”  Craig Schlapprizzi was hailed by his dad/attorney Don Schlapprizzi

Dr. Patricia and Judge Michael Wolff

upon his victory in his first two cases at Don’s law firm.  Also, Don’s heiress/attorney Toni has just joined the firm.  Michelle and Judge Michael David were on hand and David described a case for which he has a year’s work.  The lawsuit is about tobacco firms, which have been sued by hospitals, that have alleged the companies are obligated to reimburse them for providing care for patients, who have become ill as a result of smoking.  Dr. Pat Wolff, a pediatrician, who has given much time to attend to patients in grief-stricken Haiti, explained how she avoids the current cholera epidemic.  “I wash my hands frequently and cook my own food,” she offered.  With her was spouse Mo. Supreme Court Judge Michael Wolff, who will, upon his upcoming retirement from the bench, become a prof at SLU’s School of Law.  He said he’ll imbue students with this bit of advice, “Take the law seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.”

Vanessa and retired Judge Michael Calvin

Judge Lisa Van Amburg, Don Schliaparizzi with Toni and Craig Schliaparizzi.

Judge Maggie Neill, Kathy and Judge John Riley


Not to be missed is The Lawyers Association of St. Louis (LASL) Gridiron dinner and show at 7 p.m., Nov. 19 at the Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.  The production has been crafted and directed by LASL prez Tom Germeroth, with assists by Bill Thomas and Peter Dunne. The show will focus on making good-natured fun of the legal profession through song and dance.  Numbers include “Have I Got a Good Lawsuit” to the tune of “Footloose.” Bemoaning the tragic effects of tort reform on personal injury lawyers, there’ll be the song “One Third of Nothing” to the tune of Billy Preston‘s hit song, “Nothing from Nothing.”  Then, the show’s closer – a “Don’t Stop Believin'” “Glee” parody.  Other skits – too numerous to mention here – seem like sure-fire hits.

Show time

ONE OF THE NATION’S longest-running Gridiron shows, given by The Lawyers Association of St. Louis, will present at its annual gambol, “It’s Gridiron Night” at 7 p.m., Nov. 20 in the Khorassan Room at the Chase-Park Plaza. Matt DeVoti, prez of the LASL, is at the helm and under the direction of Bill Thomas, assisted by Peter Dunne and Tom Germeroth. The evening of song, dance, jibes and pokes at the expense of members of the local bench and bar is noted by Dunne as “an equal opportunity to lambast at both the pomposity and inflated self-regard and the show spares no one in carrying out its mission to skewer all the deserving members of the legal profession.” Here are a few lyrics extrapolated from songs, including, “Last Name” to the tune of Carrie Underwood‘s “Last Name” about the unfortunate law partners who find their names omitted from the names of their firms. Then, there’s “Sue People” to the tune of “Show People” fom the musical, “Curtains.” And, there’ll be “Jury Jury” to the tune of Neil Diamond‘s “Cherry Cherry.” about the little understood aspect of jury trials.
“Last Name”:
“Now, they don’t even use my last name,
It’s just too damned long they all say,
Sandberg, Phoenix, von Gontard,
Or Williams, Venker, Sanders – it’s not that hard,
But, they don’t even use my last name.
Two names,  the limit, Lewis Rice Fingerishook Hardy Bacon. I’m not sure,
Why they let them use goofy names anyway sometimes,
Baker Sterchi, Moser, Gray, Ritter told Graham to hit the road,
Parteners’ names that’s in the rear it may as well disappear.”
“Sue People”:
You’re a special kind of people who can sue people,
You carry the world in your palm,
Your neighbor’s fence is ugly, his yard looks like crap
Don’t let it stand, subpoena his ass.”
“Did you know you rank behind used car salespersons,
For occupations folks most love to hate
But hey, what’s with second place,
Guess you just don’t rate,
Next vote, try a little more hard.”
“Why do doctors and physicians dislike you people?,
They can’t tolerate you, until,
A disappointed person files a board complaint,
They seem to believe,
That now, you’re just a saint.”
“You’re a special kind of people known as trial lawyers,
You spin like a washing machine,
Sucking up to judges,
Should be your degree,
They’re telling you no,
You’re on bended knee.”

“Jury, Jury” (or “You Got to Wait to Feed the Jury”)

We finally closed this morning,
Should be done by 11:40,
Judge says he’s contemplating,
Sending out for lunch, will just keep us waiting.”
“Don’t bring the menus,
No, no you don’t,
They don’t need any feeding,
Tell them just to vote one more time,
A verdict’s is just what we’re needing.”
“Please don’t stop deliberating,
They won’t vote while they’re masticating,
Let them hit the point of starvation,
That will end this litigation.”
(Hey, guys.  Just like a columnist. Without enemies, he has no friends.)

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