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A veteran campaign insider analyzes Thursday’s KMOX radio debate pitting Lt. Gov.Peter Kinder against challenger Brad Lager, with seasoned referee Mark Reardonbetween them: “This was not the knockout, or even the solid punch, that Lager desperately needs in the bSt. Louis region, where Kinder leads him 3-to-1. Lager never even mentioned his fresh endorsement by Mike Huckabee, his campaign’s only bright spot in a week of relentless bad media coverage and interview outings. In contrast, Kinder twice mentioned his endorsements by “two icons” among conservative Republicans: Rush Limbaugh and Phyllis Schlafly. Kinder also made news in the St. Louis market, announcing that less than a day after he called on the State Emergency Management Agency to release more than $500,000 it has been sitting on since last fall for Bridgeton’s tornado recovery, the state treasury is turning loose of the money. Kinder learned of the inexplicably delayed payments while chairing the new Disaster Recovery Committee that met Wednesday in St. Louis County. “We produce results within 24 hours,” Kinder quipped to tens of thousands of KMOX listeners. In contrast, he rapped Lager for still not updating his campaign or official bios to include his employment by Cerner Corp. of Kansas City, which has gotten rich from ObamaCare. Lager was first challenged on omitting the Cerner references during an appearance on Reardon’s show back on July 10, and Lager said at the time he probably should have included the Cerner information and that he had no problem with it. Lager did catch a break when Reardon didn’t press for his answer to the host’s direct question about Cerner: “Will they benefit from ObamaCare?” Kinder noted repeatedly that Forbes magazine, not him, first identified Cerner’s CEO as an “ObamaCare Billionaire” because of revenues reaped from federal mandates and stimulus funding.” The KMOX debate was the last big media event of the race, happening just five days before the primary election.


Ever-vigilant watchdog blogger Randy Turner digs into Missouri campaign finance reports like a hungry hound after a T-bone. The flood of 8-days-before-election reports ahead of the party primaries a week from today provided startling new findings for Turner. In an exclusive today, Turner reports on a shadowy sham third-party group spending six figures from anonymous sources to promote Republican Brad Lager’s bid for lieutenant governor by paying for TV ads and direct mailers attacking the incumbent: “A shadowy organization that exists only on paper, Better Government for Missouri, is paying for a $200,000 direct mail hit job on Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, according to documents filed Monday with the Missouri Ethics Commission. As noted earlier in the Turner Report and other sources, Better Government for Missouri was created July 13 as a limited liability company and one day later funneled $100,000 to the St. Joseph-based Missourians for Conservative Values PAC.” That shadowy PAC, Turner continues, funneled $100,000 through a D.C.-based firm to buy attack ads against Kinder. Now, Turner has found that “five days after Better Government for Missouri was formed, it gave another $200,000 to Missourians for Conservative Values for a direct mailing against Kinder, according to the eight-days-before-election report filed with the Ethics Commission.” Keep up with Turner’s watchdog digging at


So, Rush Limbaugh, advance man for Peter Kinder, has lashed out at the movie, “Dark Knight Rises” on his blabathon.  He said the movie’s villain, “Bane,” is part of the “anti-Romney conspiracy”. . .”A tide of anger has been swelling,” since Mizzou disclosed plans to shutter its publishing house,” reads a report in The New York Times.  It has stoked arguments over the university’s priorities and is fueling an escalating national debate over the necessity of university presses and future in the digital world. . .The Taubman Prestige Outlets Chesterfield will feature a dog-friendly shopping environment and will generate employment of 1,200 people, points out the company’s Steve Kieras.  He reminded us that groundbreaking will take place at 10 a.m., July 25. . .Looking for pain relief at Walgreens?  The company’s 7,900-plus sites will be offering an app that a user can pull up a store’s floor plan and search for a product.  A pin will drop onto the map to show which aisle it’s in.  The project is a result of the chain’s teaming up with our town’s Aisle411. . .The City of Chesterfield has $250k to drop on celebrating its 25th anniversary, raising eyebrows everywhere. . .Everyone seems to be mum on the future – if there’s any – of the status of the Phi Chapter of Sigma Alph Mu fraternity at WashU, which has lost national and local recognition. “An ongoing investigation. . .has been turned over to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office,” says the U. . .With the spate of electrical accidents, that have recently occurred this past month, Brooke Schoene, local owner of the national electrical franchisor Mister Sparky, recommends a number of safety tips available including:  “know where the fuse boxes and circuit breakers are located in your home and how to shut them off in case of emergency” (that’s news to the columnist). . .”London 2012: NBC, Facebook have struck Olympics partnership and will include the occasional use of a “Facebook Talk Meter” on tv to reflect online buzz,” reads a flash. . .Hometowner Brad Schiff, heir to yesteryear news anchor Steve Schiff, has struck gold in his job as director of animation for Leica Entertanment in Portland.  His new movie, “Paranorman,” is set for release next month.


Peter Kinder, seeking re-election as lieutenant governor after a rough summer of revelations about his relationship with an ex-stripper, Tweeted his exuberance that Mizzou College Republicans are raising money to bring conservative pundit Ann Coulter to campus. A College Democrat chortled, “Ugh – I’d rather put dollars in Peter Kinder’s g-string than Ann Coulter’s!”


Peter Kinder was out enjoying the Sunday sunshine on crutches, healing nicely from surgery last week to remove a bone spur on his right foot. Kinder reports: “Excellent surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Johnson and his team at Washington University Orthopedics took great care of me!” Good to know Kinder has health insurance coverage, as he fights in court against Obamacare for others.


Wasn’t Dave Spence of Alpha Packaging in the Beltway to meet with the Republican Governors Association? Well, his pals say he was there about self-funding a primary against Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. By the way, Kinder is expected to appear today before the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to try resurrecting his challenge to federal health care law. . .Most leaders get less than thin-skinned as they become more experienced. Not so New York City Archbishop Tim Dolan, a St. Louis native who got his first bishop’s hat in our town.  Several times in recent months, he’s blasted several media outlets, especially The New York Times.  Today, he’s going after actress Susan Sarandon on his blog for calling Pope Benedict a “Nazi”. . .On another note, a former St. Louis priest who became a bishop elsewhere, Paul Zipfel, has officially retired from his post as head of the Bismarck, North Dakota diocese. . .Former police chief and mayor of Florissant, Bob Lowery and Rosemary Davison, with a combined service of 90 years to the community, were saluted Tuesday night at the Legacy Leaders Dinner at the Christian Hospital.  Lowery told the crowd of 200 about a meeting he once had with Davison, former city clerk, while he was police chief. “She presented me with the gun from her late husband,Les Davison, a former federal marshal. When she pulled it out, I had to excuse myself and call my wife for a new pair of underwear” (Lowery always had a sway with words.) Among those in the crowd-cruncher were: Mayor Tom Schneider; Mark and Pam Lee BehlmannGina Walsh; Bill Karabas; Fred and Sharon Buchholz; Kim and Sean Burns; Dave and Mary Otto; Grace and Mickey Zykan and Paul and Midge McKee.


L TO R - Henry Givens, Belma Givens, Thelma Cook, Sydney Bosley, Freeman Bosley, Jr., Cong. William Lacy Clay, Jr., Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder

L TO R - Henry Givens, Belma Givens, Thelma Cook, Sydney Bosley, Freeman Bosley, Jr., Cong. William Lacy Clay, Jr., Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder

The first African-American St. Louis mayor, Freeman Bosley, Jr., now a practicing lawyer, Whirl columnist and KATZ radio host, criticized President Barrack Obama as Bosley accepted honors at the dedication of the final eight buildings of which was the Bosley’s Residence Hall and dining facility.  He said,  “And, what’s going on with Pesident Obama?  I wish the president had a team like ours. I wish he had a Darlene Green, Peter Sortino, Robert Henry. I wish the president had people who will stand up for the people with courage, conviction and commitment.” Bosley also challenged the college students to leave a legacy of something positive after graduation. Sole GOP’er on hand was Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, who took credit along with H-S’s Henry Givens, who fought for a name-change of the college to a university.  “There was significant opposition, because everyone didn’t want to see Harris-Stowe expand,” Kinder pointed out. Later, Bosley quipped, “i don’t care what my critics now say of us – we’ve got a buliding named after us.  I just hope no one shows up late at night looking for Freeman Bosley.” Among those on hand were: U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan; Greg F.X. Daly; Thelma Cook; Dr. James and Donna Knight; Rev. Earl Nance; Judge Jimmie and Stacy Edwards;Rep. Tishaura Jones; lobbyist Rodney Hubbard.


Likely rival to Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder will get the ball rolling June 21 at Hunter Farms in Ladue.  The dinner, hosted by the farms’ Kimmy and Steve Brauer, will be highlighted with an appearance by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. . Meanwhile, Gov. Nixon is deploying senior officials and their staff to southeast Missouri for a series of five community response meetings at which they’ll learn about the resources, tools and services the state government can provide to assist families and businesses affected by the floods. . .The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs has released more than $1 billion to veterans, surviving spouses and dependents in Missouri during 2010. Larry D. Kay, exec director of the Missouri Veterans Commish said the “money will help support the local economy as well.”  Among recipients are counties in: Jefferson ($28 million); St. Charles ($38 million); St.
Louis ($117 million). . . AT&T senior veep Cynthia “Cindi” Brinkley will serve as keynote speaker for the Harris-Stowe State U. commencement on May 10 at Powell Hall.


All the county executive’s men and women will help Charlie Dooley blow out 63 candles on his natal celebration on Dec. 15 at Sugo’s. . .Where’s Charlie?  He’s been to attorney Bob Blitz‘s Christmas party at Cafe Napoli.  Others there were Gaming Comish general counsel Chris Hinkley, Mayor Francis Slay, Lt. Guv Peter Kinder, Judge John Ross, Judge Larry Mooney, Sarah Steelman and Ann and Ray Wagner.  FYI: Clients of Blitz’s Jeff City branch include firms that manufacture games for casinos. . . . .Guests at the St. Louis Hills holiday party saw Cong. Russ Carnahan show up and shake hands with his former opponent Ed Martin and his wife, Carol.  Carny got some ogling over his full leather jacket from Australia.  And, wife Debra was a no-show. . .The hoity-toity Plaza in Clayton condos is now home to some prominent bachelors and almost-bachelors.  Among them are Joe Buck, Sam Bradford, Steve Shankman and Stifel Financial’s ceo, chairman and prez Ron Kruszewski, whom friends say is calling off his marriage. . .Pioneer Bank’s Tom Brewster, Jr., is heading for some housecleaning at Reliance Bank. . .Soldier of Fortune and owner of the yesteryear American Athletic Club on Manchester, Joe Adams, 60, is celebrating his fourth year of marriage to Deanna Daughhetee, owner of American Equity Mortgage at their snazzy Hampton Park manse. But, that’s not the item. Adams is now heading Project Bluelight, an anti-terrorist intelligence operation in support of Homeland Security personnel in the field.  “We primarily report to Border Patrol Intelligence, but do assist agents in the field when called upon,” said Adams.  “Our mission SOP is to make no contact or be detected by anyone entering the United States illegally or involved in illegal activities.  The only time Project Bluelight wavers from the mission is for medical emergencies or the presence of children.  We report all movement and/or activity to federal authorities.”  Recalling the days, when he ran his physical fitness empire where he helped clients attain their physical fitness goals, he poo-poo’ed today’s personal trainers.  “Some charge up to $75 an hour and I charged $125 a-year to help members,” he said. . .Look for Erker Optical Co. to import the chic Mainbach glasses from the Bayern region of Germany.  Jack Erker was toasted on the family-owned business on its 130th anniversary at Herbie’s Vintage ’72 and the soon-to-debut Erker’s in the CWE on Maryland Avenue, which will replace McGinty’s in Ted Koplar‘s edifice, bringing to three stores in the Erker chain. . .Aloyse Heiss McShane is now enjoying the good life in Florida these days, according to her heiress Barbara Heiss, who was with her best friend, Steve Kay, at Protzel’s.  Aloyse, 83, was once married to the late Gordon Heiss, bossman of the Lenox and Mayfair Hotels and then to Edwin R. “Bill” Culver, III.  Meanwhile, deli lama Max Protzel and his wife, Rachel, became parents of Eli Alexander, who popped out at more than eight pounds. . .Susan Gray‘s MAC Meetings & Events is becoming a rising force when it comes to producing street festivals and public events.  The meeting and event planner has scored with some major festivals here:  “Tour De Grove” and the “Grovefest” as well as the “Soulard Oktober-fest.”  Expanded responsibilities will follow for the 2011 Oktober-fest event along with some other major happenings.


Caught off-guard, the columnist asked Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder if he is going to run as the 56th Missouri governor. He exclaimed, “Yes!”  Then, he backtracked with another thought: “Er, I’ll make a decision in six weeks, but don’t write that.”  Ubiquitous Kinder  was among 300 in a stable of mostly elegant and timeless swells at the Memories and Melodies event atop the Chase Hotel to benefit Memory Care Home Solution (MCHS). “Have you met my florist?,” joshed Joe Werner, who turned to retired Mo. Botanical Garden’s Peter Raven.  Raven said he’s enjoying retirement “with less harassment.”  Werner was with his infinite beauty of a wife, Stevie, who offered that her sis-in-law Anne Desloge Bates remains loquacious albeit a massive stroke five years ago. Iconic royals Mary Lee and Robert Hermann, who were to receive Alzheimer’s Community Service Awards, were glad-handed on their 30th wedding anniversary.  The Science Center’s Doug King introed his wife, Stacy, as owner of a jewelry business.  Santa Barbara-based Michael Pulitzer was on hand, while still mending from surgery. Hermann’s brother, Fred, escorted his daughter, Holly Gulick, while David Blanton, III, said he flew in from his home in Sausalito to laud the Hermanns.  “My friend (U.S. District Judge) Jean Hamilton couldn’t be here and is probably eating lousy food,” said Blanton.  Lisa Baron, who founded MCHS, spoke of the homecare the agency provides those with Alzheimer’s and dementia by offerng social workers and training families to care for the patients.  Among the revelers were: Ann and Lee Liberman; George Erker; Betty and David Farrell; Donna Wilkinson; Harris Frank; Patti Disbrow; Marion Black; the St. Louis American’s Donald Suggs; Mary Randolph Ballinger; Julia Barnes and John and Anabeth Weil.

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