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“The building business might be tougher than the business of schools,” said St. Louis Public Schools overseer Rick Sullivan, who is former chief of McBride Homes.  Sullivan gave an example of Atlanta, which he said is a city with the worst residential construction in the nation.  He said, “In 2005 more than 60,000 were built there; in 2009 only 3,500 went up.  This year, McBride built 4,300 homes.”  With Sullivan was CSI Leasing’s  Ken Steinbach.. . .Doug Morgan has been tapped as board chairman of Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance. . .Gary O’Neil has been beckoned as board member of Commercial Banks. . . Score is the name of Raymond Slay‘s soon-to-debut alternative bar in The Grove. . .. Ginger Bistro, an Asian fusion dinery, is poised to bow on Delmar Boulevard in The Loop on Oct. 4. . .Dr. Amy-Jill Levine, prof of New Testament Studies at Vanderbilt U, will present lectures on Oct. 18-19 at the Second Presbyterian Church in the CWE on “The Jewish Jesus; Misunderstanding Judaism Means Misunderstanding Jesus” and “How and Why Jews and Christians Read Scripture Differently” – all part of the 2010 Pfautch lecture series. . .More than 500 enjoyed the sights and sounds of the inaugural “Light the Town Pink” trivia night at the Kemp Auto Museum to benefit Siteman Cancer Center.  There were 10 rounds of challenging trivia, helmed by radio personalities Guy Phillips of Y98, Mark Reardon and Doug McElvin of KMOX,  Dana Daniels and Eric Kane of KEZK and Kelly Corday and Kevin – The Intern of Y98. . .Operation Brightside is celebrating a $250,000 grant from Pepsi “Refresh Everything”. . .The husband-wife team of Todd Stone and Kim McGuire have exited the Post-Dispatch and have moved north.  Stone was the enterprise team editor, while McGuire was the paper’s environmental reporter.  Stone is now the business editor of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune; McGuire has stepped away from journalism to become a stay-at-home mom with the couple’s new baby. . .A lavish, four-generation family saga, “A Matter of Happenstance,” chronicles the fictional Reinhardt family of retail princes and financiers across a century of St. Louis history.  A launch of the novel by Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick will take place Oct. 24.  The author was a reporter and copy desk staffer at the old Globe-Democrat in the 1970s. . . Jim Hubbard reminds us that tickets are on sale for the Budweiser Guns ‘N Hoses boxing event Nov. 24 at Scottrade Center.  The event is presented each year by the St. Louis Guns ‘N Hoses Boxing Assoc. and sponsored by Grey Eagle Distributors. . .Vel Green and the Spa at Winghaven have parted company.  .  .Sole, vendor of fashion comfort shoes, is bowing at Des Peres Plaza. . .Mo. Sec. of State Robin Carnahan‘s appearance at a fundraiser for her U.S. Senate race drew 100 deep-pocketed types at the St. Louis C.C. manse of Carole and Dr. Fred Gaskin.  Carole, a member of the prominent Dowd family, said Robin’s late dad, Gov. Mel Carnahan, endorsed Carole’s dad, the late Ed Dowd, for Mo. Guv.  in 1972. “Robin’s a clear choice for the people over big business,” opined Dr. Gaskin. As for the Tea Party, Gaskin said, “All of its members do is let off steam.  They obstruct everyone trying to do something”. . .Trattoria Branca owner Sam Kacar and his wife, Becky, are getting separate mail these days.  Seems that Sam became a player; Becky has hired tough barrister David Lacks. Meanwhile, Becky has taken over the Frontenac trattoria, one of three in the dinery chain.  Chef is Erwin Agastra, whose signature dish is halibut palermitano. . .Lewis Rice barrister Jack Pruelage and glammy jewelry consultant Taylor Pollock were a newsome-twosome at Bistro 1130 t’other night, along with Norbert Siegfried and his love, “B.G”.  Nearby was jeweler-to-the-stars Joe Genovese with his wife Nicole and daughter Sabrina. . .Rumor #1: State Rep. John Diehl will head the committee responsible for redistricting in which Missouri and Illinois might each lose one Congressional seat. Rumor #2: Mike Jones may be out at County Exec Charlie Dooley’s office..And Geoff Whittington has been named sports editor of Brian Timpone‘s Blockshopper Enterprise, which has partnerships with Hearst newspapers, Tribune Co., Sun-Times Media and provides content for major newspapers.  Timpone’s brainchild has just been profiled in Forbes magazine…


Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Willis Colbertt and Congressman Roy Blunt

Rush James, Victory 2010 regional field director, had about 75 eager volunteers buzzing hundreds of likely voters’ telephones on behalf of friends to elect Cong. Roy Blunt to the U.S. Senate.  Blunt, who still has a wide-margin over Robin Carnahan in the polls, surprised volunteers with a drop-by of his pal, New York’s former mayor Rudy Guiliani.  Giuliani revved up the troops and took some calls, while chatting with state campaign chair Ann Wagner, a former U.S. ambassador, who later tossed a private bash for Blunt at Hunter’s Farm.  Sandy Cathcart of north St. Louis county, was praised for having made 22,000 calls in a month’s time.  “She’s the world’s champion of phone bankers,” quipped Blunt.  Blunt referred to Guiliani as “America’s mayor during the horrific 911 tragedy” and then introduced Guiliani to Willis Corbett, the newly-installed sports

Rudy Giuliani, Sandy Cathcart and Congressman Roy Blunt

coalition director, who has known Blunt for 30 years. Corbett teaches fire safety and hunting via his Missouri Youth Sports Shooting group, which he founded.  Reportedly, he’s the first African-American vendor to Anheuser-Busch and a Winchester rep.  He bellied up $40,000 later that night.  Blunt took time out to remind followers, that he is not building a million-dollar house and no house at all in the Beltway area, despite misleading commercials by his opponent.


Big spending campaigns are quadrennial bonanzas for dozens of local vendors – restaurants, landlords, office supply companies, graphic artists, hotels and printers – that cater to politicians and their staffs. And no campaigns in recent memory are likely to match the combined expenditures of U.S. Senate candidates Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan. Yet, some local union printers and mail houses may be disappointed to notice that a mass mailing from the Carnahan campaign is post-marked and printed (yes, by a union printer) in. . .Milwaukee.


About Newt Gingrich’s aspiration to run for U.S. president, Bill Clay, Sr., said, “He was the worst speaker of the house and he closed down Congress twice. A lot of people suffered. The Tea Party is ruining the Republican Party.”  Seated at the historic Sunset C.C. in south county for the 25th annual William Clay Scholarship and Research Fund golf tourney and dinner, Clay, the first African-American congressman, who previously served as 26th ward alderman, ticked off some achievements including how he helped the late Robert Kennedy get blacks to register in an election.  “Jack Dwyer of the Democratic Central Committee didn’t want them to register,” he recalled. “Kennedy got 28 people to town to help with the registration and they fell in line.  After his brother, Jack became president and Bob became attorney general, he helped me in an attempt to revive the small arms plant. We didn’t get it, but we remained friends.”  Of today’s pols, Clay lauded Cong. Russ Carnahan as being “a great legislator” and of his sister, Mo. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan – “You’re not going to corner me on that,!” Clay exclaimed.
Then, the 80 year-old Clay turned to the barbs he got from the old, conservative Globe-Democrat. He recalled, “One night, I got a phone call, that the paper’s publisher was hauled into the police station for
soliciting sex from a prostitute in the area of Enright and Euclid.  I ran to the station and confronted him and said, ‘You don’t like black people, but you sure love black whores!” Clay heaped praise on his wife, Carol, with whom he’s been married for 51 years, and his son, U.S.Cong. William Lacy Clay, Jr., who arrived with his sister, Michelle and his nephew, Clay. Lacy opined, “Newt has a following and he’d be great competition to Palin and Romney. He’d be a front-runner. However, President Obama will make mincemeat out of him. No one can campaign like Obama.” As to his take on the 13th and final casino license in Missouri, Lacy said,”I’m supporting a casino in north county, because that region sorely needs an infusion of jobs. Cape Girardeau is ultra-conservative and its religious right will be up in arms against it.”


Mo. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder got high-fives from a gaggle of the 71,000 participants in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  Kinder, a Republican, ran in the 5K section.  Overdupois Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon also competed.  (Maybe his weight gain can be attributed to his recent visit at Sweetie Pie’s.)  Slim Mayor Francis Slay kicked off the ceremonies in his Polo shirt – sans his usual natty suit.  Juan Carlos Antolinez was on hand as was his wife, Mo. Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, a breast cancer survivor, who tagged along.  Her bro, Cong. Russ Carnahan, made a cameo. Some women oggled over State Rep Chris Carter‘s buffed torso as he made it through the finish line with his adorable Naomi West. Martin Casas, prez of the Young Democrats, was raced, while his soul mate, Katie Casas cooled her jets at home with their newborn Sophie Ann.


The columnist has made hundreds of New Year’s resolutions over the years – for himself and on behalf of many of you.  Some have taken: some have not.  For himself, the columnist vows better attention to health; more acceptance of the limits of medicine; greater patience with the pace of healing; and a more heartfelt gratitude to doctors, nurses, billing clerks, insurance companies, and (especially) to well-wishers.  He also vows greater attention to correct spelling, accurate timing, complete quoting, standard punctuation, organized note-taking, credible attribution, flattering photography, and graceful corrections.  Of course, that is an annual resolution, made with little real intention of doing anything about the habits of a lifetime gossipist. On your behalf, the columnist attributes (with no foundation and with relatively little malice) the following fantasy resolutions:

  • From President Barack Obama: I’ll do my Christmas vacation next year with Claire, Joe, and their family in St. Louis, as long as Claire promises not to Tweet about it and Joe pays for the Pi.
  • From Governor Jay Nixon:  I’ll ask Peter Kinder, who practically lives there, to tell Georganne the best places to eat, shop, and stay in St. Louis.
  • From Archbishop Robert Carlson:  I’ll make more good news with Catholic Charities than bad.
  • From SLU president the Rev. Larry Biondi:  I’ll commission a statue of a naked Rick Majerus for Bannister House if the Billikens make the NCAA Tournament.
  • From Sen. Kit Bond:  I’ll use my final year to find jobs for all my staff.
  • From County Executive Charlie Dooley:  I’ll ask the nice Greg Boyce for a couple of lumps of clean coal to put into a certain former staffer’s Christmas stocking.
  • From Mayor Francis Slay:  I’ll give a Key to the City to Lady GaGa.
  • From KMOV GM Alan Cohen:  I’ll do infomercials 24/7.
  • From “Donnybrook” founder Martin Duggan:  I’ll start a blog. What’s a blog?
  • From Emerson CEO David Farr and celebrated attorney Linda Martinez:  We had no idea we were named “man and woman of the year” by the Variety Club until we read it in Berger’s column. We hope he’ll be seated with us at the April 24th dinner.
  • From Congressman Lacy Clay:  I’ll check “finally single”  on my Census form next year.
  • From former GOP consultant Rod Jetton: I’ll use the hot air
  • From the Robin  Carnahan campaign to fill a bouquet of green balloons.
  • From Gateway Foundation donor M. Peter Fischer:  I think I’ll do another two blocks.
  • From Build-A-Bear boss Maxine Clark:  I’ll stuff the first marketing person who suggests a children’s video on national health care reform, immigration, or gun control.
  • From former Engineered Air’s Mike Shanahan:  Since that fancy country club in Naples, Fla., has blackballed me and sent me a check that bounced, I think I’ll remain at Old Warson.
  • From the St. Louis Beacon’s Bob Duffy:  We now have our own space in the KETC-TV offices and hope we’ll open an Illinois bureau in Pontoon Beach.
  • From television reporter Alex Fees:  Maybe I can get Donna Wilkinson to follow Steve Schankman on my “Conversations with. . .” in January on HEC-TV – if her stockings aren’t falling.
  • From Congressman Russ Carnahan:  I’ll use my frequent flier miles to send mouthy Ed Martin on a long trip to country without the Internet.
  • From Blues owner Dave Checketts:  I’ll play Ed Goltermann in goal for home games.
  • From Gerard Craft:  I’ll open a Niche on every corner.
  • From WashU chancellor Mark Wrighton:  I’ll get that Top 10 ranking back.
  • From Chief Tim Fitch:  I’ll find a new badge for Floyd Warmann.
  • From KSDK GM Lynn Beall:  I’ll retire or replace any face viewers might conceivably recognize.
  • From Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom:  I’ll fire the coach if he blows our number one draft choice by actually winning another game.
  • From Bob Baer:  I’ll ride the last Metro bus to Chesterfield if the County tax campaign fails in April.
  • From would-be Rams owner Rush Limbaugh:  I’ll buy the Arch Rival Roller Girls instead.
  • From north St. Louis developer Paul McKee:  I’ll mow all my yards and rake yours too.
  • From entrepreneurs Mike and Steve Roberts: We’ll suggest changing the name of St. Louis City to Roberts St. Louis City.
  • From Symphony music director David Robertson:  I’ll buy KFUO and program it with hip-hop, uh. . .classical music.
  • From Cardinals president Bill DeWitt III:  I’ll change the name of Ballpark Village to Holliday Haven.
  • From the Loop’s Joe Edwards:  I’ll open a successful venue on the actual Moon.
  • From Lee CEO Mary Junck:  I’ll improve morale by signing a good contract with the Newspaper Guild.
  • From AmerenUe officials:  I’ll use the phrase “a warm holiday glow” in our next filing with the Public Service Commission to soften them up on a nuclear power rate increase.
  • From Art Museum honcho Brent Benjamin:  I’ll expand.
  • From AB Inbev boss Carlos Britto: I’ll find out if Clydesdales go better with a little lime.
  • From grocer Greg Dierberg:  I’ll open the most popular grocery in a decade and call it. . .Culinaria Too.
  • From the Caseyville and Collinsville police:  Next time we hope we’ll get it right. (At Teezers Bar in Collinsville, a guy walked in with a silver handgun over the holidays and fired off a few rounds and marched out.  Police began looking for a 70 year-old man known to them and after much searching, they decided that the gunman they really needed to look for had the same name but was just 52.  Then, the Caseyville police gave their Collinsville counterparts an entirely different suspect’s name. The guy, who allegedly committed the explosive act, was none of the above: he had been hiding out all that time at Jessi’s Hideout in Collinsville.)
  • From restaurateur Sam Kacar: I hope to open a third Trattoria Branica in Chesterfield Valley by mid-January and then focus on a fourth in the CWE or Webster Groves.
  • From former airport director Dick Hrabko: I’m going to get those slots installed at the Spirit of St. Louis Airport.
  • From Wind Capital exec Tom Carnahan:  I’ll use the hot air
  • From the Roy Blunt campaign to generate electricity.
  • From uber-flack Joan Quicksilver:  I’ll nominate Jerry Berger as Media Person of the Year.
  • From affable CVC’s Kitty Ratcliffe:  I resolve I’ll ask for another convention center. (The woman has garnered kudos for signing such major confabs as the Church of God in Christ, that brought 40,000 here and has inked its convention for St. Louis in 2011 and 2012 – away From Memphis.
  • From all of this column’s many sources: We’ll not turn a blind eye to any item that might amuse St. Louis in Jerry Berger’s website.

Caveat lector and Happy New Year!


The office of Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan has begun asking local governments to quantify the economic consequences of a series of Rex Sinquefeld-sponsored petitions to abolish the earnings tax collected by St. Louis and Kansas City (and, beyond Rex’s current reach, by most major cities in the country.) In St. Louis , the earnings taxes paid by city residents and by others who work within the city limits amount to one-third of the entire city budget (or the cost of operating the entire police dept)… The two trains of Charlie Dooley, county exec and candidate, brushed each other on the tracks this week.  While Dooley campaign exec John Temporiti was dousing Republican challenger Bill Corrigan‘s No-Tax announcement with proof of Dooley’s own tax-cutting chops, county officials were telling reporters that Dooley was supporting a half-cent sales tax increase for public transportation… Yes, that was former St. Louis mayor Clarence Harmon sitting back-to-back with former St. Louis mayor Vince Schoemehl over lunch at low-profile Beffa’s.  Unrelated meetings and polite handshakes, reported bemused observers.  Meanwhile, Fredbird – the unlikely club next door to St. Louis’s most hidden restaurant – will host a fundraiser Dec. 5 to promote the 2010 season of the Arch Rival Roller Girls… From my booth at the McDonald’s across the street from the Post-Dispatch, it looks like on-line editor Kurt Greenbaum (a true gentleman, by the way) has managed to do exactly what his bosses wanted him to do: get readers.  A P-D story – more accurately, stories about the newspaper – spent the past week near the top of the Google International search list.  Greenbaum, who oversees most of the paper’s social media efforts, drew worldwide attention for telling a local school that someone using its computers had posted and reposted a naughty comment on a P-D website… Erstwhile P-D commentary page editor Eric Mink was beckoned by The New York Times as freelancer to pen a review of a new production of “The Card Game” in the long-running “Frontline” documentary series on PBS. Published Nov. 23, the review is headlined “In Love with Credit, It’s Business as Usual”… Betsy Taylor, super-reporter in the Associated Press’s St. Louis bureau, is job hunting.


Joe Biden, who along with other members of President Obama’s team, has been no stranger to our town,will be here again next week in support of “a Carnahan candidacy.” Since the Vice President’s duties include presiding over the United States Senate, the columnist presumes that the supported Carnahan is Robin, a candidate to fill the seat being vacated by U.S. Sen. Kit Bond. . . Is it a bad sign for President Obama’s economic recovery plans that bankers and brokers are already inviting clients to attend the Second Annual Distressed Commercial Real Estate Summit in November in New York? “Annual!” Hello!. . Skateboard Mag had an entire region to scout for a story that would be interesting to their ireverent readership. Is anyone surprised that they ended up featuring City Museum’s Bob Cassilly?. . .Two public officials, Francis Slay and Patty York, are still wondering how their names ended up in press announcements by the VIP KLife Foundation. . .-The most widely discussed speech delivered here was by Peter Fischer, recipient of the prestigious St. Louis Award. Fischer, whose Gateway Foundation is the driving force (and money) behind the City Garden, generally shuns the spotlight. He used his rare appearance to call for a serious rethinking of downtown’s Gateway Mall. . . Look for opponents of the city’s proposed anti-smoking ordinance to try to substitute their own watered -down version when the bill is heard at the Board of Aldermen on Friday. Should that happen, look for supporters to respond by stripping out the provision in the current bill that regulations will only go into effect when St. Louis county passes a weaker ban of its own and by removing any phasing-in period for small bars. . . Preservation Action, the national lobbyists for historic buildings, is lookng for a new prez. Michael Allen, former Landmarks Association staffer, who mobilized interest in the property acquisitions of a group of then-unnoticed corporations in north St. Louis. Another? David Richardson, the Husch Blackwell Sanders lawyer who sits on the St. Louis Prsservation Board.


For a mere $100,400 a couple, you and your spouse/partner could have rubbed shoulders with former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who was tubthumping for his former Republican colleague U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt’s run for the U.S. Senate in 2010. The event was quietly held last week at Kimmy and Steve Brauer‘s Hunter Farms manse, included a private reception. And, then for a pithy $10,000 a couple, you could have attended a photo reception in the estate’s horse stables (phew!). Blunt’s rivals are Rep. Chuck Purgason, a Republican Blunt seems determined to ignore; and Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, a Democrat Blunt seems to determine to engage. (For her part, the savvy Carnahan seems happy to ignore both of them.) . . . St. Louis County’s 5th Floor is poised to celebrate the return of staffer Tom Curran, as County Executive Charlie Dooley‘s director of intergovernmental relations. Curran will fill the slot vacated by Darin Cline, now a consultant to Dooley’s reelection committee. Curran, who once toiled for Buzz Westfall and the county Planning Department, currently works at Piper Jaffray, an investment firm . . . Pollsters were ringing phones in St. Louis County last week, asking a very long list of questions about Metro and an local public transportation (sample question: If voters approved a sales tax increase should it be spent on expanding MetroLink or on improving bus service?) . . . St. Louis City License Collector Michael McMillan will be back at City Hall next week after a month or so fellowship abroad. Rarely has a homecoming been so anticipated by all floors of City Hall.

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