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Hand-in–hand, gotbucks Harris Frank and activist Barbara Eagleton arrived for the St. Louis Beacon’s gala evening

Harris Frank and Barbara Eagleton

built around a performance of a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. Widow    of the beloved and former Sen. Tom Eagleton, Barbara tipped  that she has inked for a February date The New York Times op-ed    scribe Joe Nocera for her Women’s Democratic Forum. The topic of his Sunday piece was “the high cost of football teams.” Last year, The Beacon presented H.M.S. Pinafore with a super-star    cast that included Christine Brewer, David Robertson, Tim O’Leary and Hugh Russell, with Chicago Lyric associate conductor Craig Terry at the piano. Terry and Russell were back this year, for the Beacon’s “Mikado” but the 2012 cast was made up  of talented young men and women from our region, including  Keith Boyer as Nanki Poo, Heather Patterson as Yum Yum, Russell as KoKo, Mark Freiman as the Mikado and  Debbie Lennon as Katisha. “It’s the Opera Theatre model,” quipped Beacon associate editor Bob Duffy. “Find the best young talent around and help them build great careers.” Champagne was poured before the show in the Sheldon Concert Hall, and afterward gala-goers moved upstairs to a transformed banquet room, the Cabaret

Shirley Bynum Smith and Ed Wallace

Katishs, for a cabaret starring the inimitable Brewer, who started  off with Great American Songbook tunes. Craig Terry accompanied her, and good guy Ernie Clark spelled him at the grand. Among the    VIPs in attendance was longtime organist and chorus master at St. Michael & St. George Episcopal Church, Ed Wallace, who thrilled to a reunion with Shirley Bynum Smith, who once sang in his choir. The Beacon’s major benefactor Emmy Pulitzer arrived    minutes before the concert with her escort Roy Pfautch.

Emmy Pulitzer with Roy Pfautch


Some Republicans don’t realize that the Ten Commandments aren’t multiple-choice. Arguably, that doesn’t apply to Sen. Richard Lugar of  Indiana, the third most senior senator and one who has notched up 98 percent attendance.  He is a hero to many, having called for a reversal of the Obama Administration’s de facto prohibition on new oil drills. Lugar will be in our town at a fundraiser for his reelection on March 20 at the Carrswold palazzo of Marilyn and Sam Fox.  Hosts: Roy Pfautch (if he’s not lobbying in Japan or China}; Lelia and David Farr; Don and Betsy Musick and Carol and Bert Walker.


Lindsay Lohan Photo Credit: Creative Commons / The Cinema Source

So what if my invitation to Roy Pfautch‘s Dec. 18 holiday party at St. Louis C.C, got misplaced? Hanging out with society types hasn’t been all that bad with their conversations that rarely include immigration, two wars over there, the war on drugs, same-sex marriages, the treaty with Russia, Bernie Madoff, Lindsay Lohan, Nelly. Justin Bieber and the Pepper Lounge. I mused euphorically. At least at their parties you can drink and eat well, where hired butlers pass around creamed Alpo. Some of the A-listees are rather decent sensing that African-Americans and other minorities deserve a break. The columnist also missed the V.P. Ball, where Mary Catherine McDonald sang her heart out to the National Anthem before the well-heeled. What makes the V.P. tradition tolerable is the never-ending joy of being a St. Louisan, one of the few remaining titles we can take pride in while the world goes bonkers. What is this mysterious amalgam that keeps on working? Perhaps because we have a few world-renown medical centers and researchers, two outstanding universities, the second oldest symphony orchestra in the country, Crown Candy Kitchen, Bob’s Seafood where live lobster is king and some of the best lawyers in America. One of them is Kevin O’Malley, the go-to barrister who is repping another lawyer, Howard Wittner. O’Malley is a pal of President

Justin Bieber photo: Creative Commons / Daniel Ogren

Obama and his friendships reach out to prosecutors. Then, there’s former FBI agent Art Margulis whom the Busch family hired to represent August A. Busch, IV, in his most recent saga. Leading the pack is uber-attorney Martin Green, who has filed a class-action lawsuit against ALPA for its alleged failure to exercise good faith to protect TWA pilots in the course of the merger. Trial is docketed for April in a Camden, N.J. courtroom, where Green’s suit asks for in excess of $500 million. In another lawsuit, Green’s client, Zoltek, alleges patent infringement by the U.S. government on products the company manufactured and used on the B-2 Stealth Bomber and the F-22 fighter plane. The Court of Appeals in D.C. will decide whether the case can go to trial.


“Pussy” McDonnell, wife of J.S. McDonnell, founder of the aircraft company, was given that unfortunate nickname by her husband and few in those days knew her name other than Pussy; Pitti is Pitti Brandin; Patti Bush, sister-in-law of the former Prez and Poody was the wife of David Calhoun.  Few outsiders in those days knew their given names other than members of the St. Louis Country Club. By the way, most recently added to the club’s roster is Barbara Bryant, the second, solo, female member. The other:  Donna Wilkinson, the powerhouse who raised $300,000 for the National Children’s Cancer Society on Saturday night at the Ballpark Hilton Hotel.  For $750 a ducat, guests could dine in the ballroom; for $500, they could attend a reception in Siberia.  That’s where Roy Pfautch was cornered with Wilkinson, looked around the room and lamented, “This is the great unwashed – middle class!” Apparently, a snafu took place in distribution of tickets, that made Wilkinson so apologetic. Pfautch wiped away her tears.  A nearby guest was overheard to say, “I never invite Bob and Mary Lee Hermann for dinner anymore.  They always arrive at 8, when the invitation is for 7.”  Centene’s Mike Niedorf was caught in his commute between both rooms and said, “I’m in the weeds these days. I only need to talk to my investors – that’s it!”  He did tip that three restaurants are in the running to lease space in the new Centene Tower and that one is well-known to New Yorkers.  Actress Goldie Hawn was among those receiving awards.  Others: Dr. Larry Shapiro; St. Louis Cord Blood Bank; Dr. Timothy Ley; Chase Meacham and Scott MacLellan and Morrison Management Specialists. Across the street, Tony’s was humming with a packed dining room in which Steve Schultz, co-owner of Schultz Brand Instant Plant Food and Potting Soil (was sold for gazillions) and his date, Misty Tusing, gobbled dinner before attending a Symph concert.  He introed her as a staffer with “it’s Just Lunch,” a dating service.  Tony’s casual room, Anthony’s, was where the Rev. Richard Quirk was hosted by John and Mary Clarkson, sister of the late John Ferrara.  We reminisced over Sardo’s, a hot-spot owned by John Sr., and located in the 1950s on Delmar Boulevard near Union Boulevard.  Alas, it was too late to crash the 65th birthday party for barrister Terry Croupen in his Met Building offices.


Bryan Cave lawyer Tom Schweich, who probably knows a lot more about Afghanistan than Affton or Gallatin, was supposed to be a U.S. senator.  But, he bowed to the pressure (and promises) of his fellow Republicans and left this year’s field largely open for U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt, avoiding a clash of pedigrees in the season’s marquee race.  Schweich’s willingness to postpone his ambitions to be in Washington, D.C., until he can face off with U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill in 2012, earned him a war chest of big Republican donations for an uphill campaign to unseat incumbent Auditor Susan Montee.  Anchored by local GOP super-donor Sam Fox, Schweich has been racking up donations in Ladue-size chunks of $10,000 and $20,000 in recent days.  Though, a note to Schweich’s treasurer: Generous repeat donor Roy Pfautch does not work for “Civic Progress” as the campaign has reported several times.  Pfautch works for Civic Service,  Inc.  Even these days, there is a difference.  BTW Roy Pfautch is an ordained minister and knows how to separate church from state.  And. the guy has an art for living.


Gladys Kandel-Reeves at the Delmar Gardens family of 20 facilities

Gladys Kandel-Reeves at the Delmar Gardens family of 20 facilities

PITCH & CATCH: It doesn’t take a doctor (though there were plenty of them at Busch Stadium on Thursday afternoon) to diagnose the condition of patient Cardinal Nation. The Nation is suffering from acute Cardinal fever. The all-too-obvious symptoms include a preoccupation with a certain Magic Number, a preference for the color red, an aversion to a team from Chicago, and a willingness to skip more usual pastimes (including actual work) to sit in Busch Stadium drinking $8 malted beverages. While examining the patient, this columnist collected plenty of fastballs, a couple of curveballs, and a wicked brushback pitch or two.


SWEET SUITES: “I’m going to lead a delegation to Cuba on Sept. 20 to try and open up a dialogue about travel opportunities,” said US Representative Jo Anne Emerson, who was in a suite with US Rep. Lacy Clay and some other colleagues. “President Barack Obama will drop a bombshell in a joint session on September 9 on health insurance reform,” said Clay, who brags out that he occasionally hears from the President by telephone. Nearby, fellow Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-9) had a bone to pick with Clay about barbeque. Cohen favored Memphis’s Rendezvous, while Clay (and other locals in the suite) spoke up the ribs for our town’s C&K . . . Nearby was Mike DuBois, a legislative assistant to US Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond, and the new father (with wife, Linda) of 2-month-old Ryan Patrick. DuBois mentioned that, while Bond was recently in Japan, our town’s Roy Pfautch, who spends a lot of time in Japan, arranged a sumptuous feast for Bond and ministers of the Diet. DuBois had this to say about Clay and Bond: they get along very well “despite what you hear.” Sen. Claire McCaskill? Not so much, apparently. “Claire brings nothing to the people,” remarked a bystander (not named DuBois or Clay). “She just tells staff members each morning to get her on television.”. . .David Steward, founder and chairman of World Wide Technologies, said his company is expanding with facilities in China, the Netherlands, Sao Paulo and Singapore. “In 2008, we grossed almost $2.6 billion and are buying $1.5 billion worth of network equipment,” said Steward. “We’re in a tech revolution and thinking about the next level. We’re still hiring.” . Elsewhere, Brenda and Jim Talent were entertaining. “I’m doing public policy stuff and have become a consultant to Fleishman-Hillard,” said the ex-senator.


WITH THE WORKING STIFFS: Carpenters Union bossman Terry Nelson said, “For $12,000 a week, we are getting groceries to the unemployed in the union.” How many, Terry? ” Of our 20,000 members, 4,000 are out-of-work. But, I’m sure that we’ll pick up after the first quarter of 2010.” As Hemingway’s Jake said in “The Sun Also Rises”, “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”


IDIOT BOX BOX: In the Fox Midwest Sports box, account exec Tim O’Connor did the honors for a select Steak ‘n Shake crew. Anchoring the group were Brad Manns, head of franchising, and Springfield, Mo., franchisee Gary Leonard, who tipped us that the 420 restaurants in the chain will soon bow a new entry on the menu: a combination called Pico De Gello, a chilled combination of peppers, onions, tomatoes, lime and lemon juice and cilantro served up on either a steak burger or a steak frank.


David Steward with US Rep. Lacy Clay and Corbin

David Steward with US Rep. Lacy Clay and Corbin

INVESTORS CORNER: “The Post-Dispach is too episodic,” insisted investments guru Joe Schlafly in the Merrill-Lynch suite. (A charge that a newspaper published daily would find it hard to rebut.) “I invested my own money and got Bill Danforth to contribute seed money for the St. Louis Beacon. We need responsible journalism.” (The St. Louis Beacon is a news/features website staffed primarily by former employees of the episodic P-D.) . . .Between pitches, Ralph Gaia, an IT’er with Centene Corp. raved non-stop about the company’s topper, Mike Neidorff. Why does Gaia love his boss? “I was so impressed that he conducted an ethics meeting, and that he’s arranged a golf tournament for employees at the Bogie Club a week from Friday,” said Gaia . . . Nestle/Ralston Purina makes the best-selling Fancy Feast cat food. That’s the best I could get from the company’s CEO, Patrick McGinnis. “This is my day off and we don’t need any publicity,” he barked when he noticed my notebook . . . Stuart Shelp of the RCGA probably should have listened to McGinnis. “We don’t get along with them (the Regional Business Council) and we got them started.” (Does anybody know RBC exec director Kathleen T. Osborn’s email address?) . . . Brian Rhame, head of institutional advancement, and Mike Loyet, president, of St. John Vianney High School, got my congratulations on the 50th anniversary of their school — and quickly dropped names of some illustrious alums.


THE GOLDEN YEARS: It’s a great time to be young, in an area that hasn’t quite grown up yet, in a world on the brink of disaster. But, still poised for the future is optimistic visionary Gladys Kandel-Reeves, who has toiled for more than four decades at the Delmar Gardens family of 20 facilities, which stretch from here to Atlanta, and including Omaha, Kansas City and Las Vegas. And now, the glamorous woman is touting the company’s fifth retirement center in O’Fallon, Mo., the Garden Villas of O’Fallon, that opens in November with a bowling alley, no less. . .


PINHEADS: St. Louis Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Kraft has been accused of threatening a couple with a gun during a dispute about a parking spot at a Shrewsbury bowling alley. His subsequent legal problems in St. Louis County have drawn the support of his friends, including managers in his department and judges. A recent fundraiser to help pay his lawyers was hosted by the St. Louis Sheriff Lt. Ray Harris, and Deputies Charles Russo and Kathy Kraft, sister of Charles. Wonder what the St. Louis County prosecutor thinks about that?


COMINGS & GOINGS: Cop talk (no, not CopTalk) says that Governor Jay Nixon will dump the decades long tradition of being escorted through St. Louis by a special detail of the Metropolitan St. Louis Police Department. The guv is rumored to be considering using the state patrol to take over the duty. Is this an early indication of how the guv is leaning on the contentious issue of surrendering state control of the city’s police force? . . . One of my all-time favorite news anchors, Deanne Lane, sent a note to set the record straight. “I was not fired. I resigned from KSDK (Channel 5), because I no longer wanted to work at night.” Could she still be working in TV? “Among the offers I’ve had was one from KMOV (Channel 4),” Lane penned from Centene Corp, where she is listed as media contact . . .David Bonetti, sharp-tongued art critic with the Post-Dispatch has written that he “took advantage of advanced age and a benefits package and decided to retire.” He further stated, “Although some of the Cherokee Street clique would like to think that I was fired by an enlightened management that wants reviews of inept artists showing their woeful attempts at self expression in vanity galleries, that is not the case”. . . Z. Dwight Billingsley, whose most recent column for the Post-Dispatch compared President Obama’s national healthcare prescriptions to bad public education policies, has penned his last column for the newspaper. (Will Z. Dwight now follow familiar migration patterns and end up in the St. Louis Beacon?). . .Speaker of the U.S. House Nancy Pelosi will be special guest on Oct. 3 at the Chase-Park Plaza for the fifth annual gala with Rep. Russ Carnahan. For more info or to RSVP call 314-534-2004. Former Post-Dispatch editor Ellen Soeteber still has her CWE condo and regularly visits her mom, Norma Soeteber, in Shiloh, Ill., as well as other family and friends. But, she and her husband, Dick Martins, are enjoying being back in South Florida, where multiple cultures and lifestyles are the happy norm.  When not in our town, she misses her family, her friends, and former colleagues at the Post-Dispatch and the Missouri Biotanical Garden. Christine Bertelson has ankled the Post-Dispatch for what she hopes will be a brighter future with Guv. Nixon’s office, beginning Tuesday. A media maven mentioned to her how nice Nixon’s state fair speech was on Aug. 13, while still in the paper’s employ. She is rumored to have replied, “I wrote it” The maven also suggested, that her dealing with Nixon while in the employ of the P-D, got other staffers’ noses out-of-joint. Bertelson served a number of posts at the paper, including editorial page editor, colyumnist and features editor…


HELLO?: The announcement that the local telco will no longer have to deliver its White Pages directory to customers will deprive some of us a favorite pastime: playing the Name Game. One favorite: the St. Louis directory contains a Hitler (and a bunch of Hittlers), a Tojo, two Roosevelts, nine Trumans and 12 Churchills. (There are also eight Schmucks and eleven Dierbergs – but, that’s not a food fight, not a World War.)


BURY MY HEART: David Simon, family service guy at Kriegshauser Mortuary West, is tub-thumping the firm’s pre-arranged funeral services.

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