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So, Rush Limbaugh, advance man for Peter Kinder, has lashed out at the movie, “Dark Knight Rises” on his blabathon.  He said the movie’s villain, “Bane,” is part of the “anti-Romney conspiracy”. . .”A tide of anger has been swelling,” since Mizzou disclosed plans to shutter its publishing house,” reads a report in The New York Times.  It has stoked arguments over the university’s priorities and is fueling an escalating national debate over the necessity of university presses and future in the digital world. . .The Taubman Prestige Outlets Chesterfield will feature a dog-friendly shopping environment and will generate employment of 1,200 people, points out the company’s Steve Kieras.  He reminded us that groundbreaking will take place at 10 a.m., July 25. . .Looking for pain relief at Walgreens?  The company’s 7,900-plus sites will be offering an app that a user can pull up a store’s floor plan and search for a product.  A pin will drop onto the map to show which aisle it’s in.  The project is a result of the chain’s teaming up with our town’s Aisle411. . .The City of Chesterfield has $250k to drop on celebrating its 25th anniversary, raising eyebrows everywhere. . .Everyone seems to be mum on the future – if there’s any – of the status of the Phi Chapter of Sigma Alph Mu fraternity at WashU, which has lost national and local recognition. “An ongoing investigation. . .has been turned over to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office,” says the U. . .With the spate of electrical accidents, that have recently occurred this past month, Brooke Schoene, local owner of the national electrical franchisor Mister Sparky, recommends a number of safety tips available including:  “know where the fuse boxes and circuit breakers are located in your home and how to shut them off in case of emergency” (that’s news to the columnist). . .”London 2012: NBC, Facebook have struck Olympics partnership and will include the occasional use of a “Facebook Talk Meter” on tv to reflect online buzz,” reads a flash. . .Hometowner Brad Schiff, heir to yesteryear news anchor Steve Schiff, has struck gold in his job as director of animation for Leica Entertanment in Portland.  His new movie, “Paranorman,” is set for release next month.


Fabrizio Schenardi (chef), Alper Oztok, Marco Pacelli, Kitty Ratcliffe

Arthur G. Sulzberger, son of The New York Times current chairman Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., and great-great-grandson of the paper’s founder, Adolph Ochs, spent hours in our town, while headquartered at the downtown Hilton researching the background on the untimely death of Adrienne Martin at the August Busch IV mansion.  Young Sulzberger is the Kansas City bureau chief for the Times. He filed the story that included chats with locals on their take.  Developer Pete Rothschild: “Now that the brewery is sold everyone can’t wait to pile on the vitriol.” Arthur’s story is headlined, “After a Retreat From Limelight, A Death and Rekindled Anger”. . .Retired A-B distributor and philanthropist Jerry Clinton will marry his beloved Terri Larkin in March in an out-of-town ceremony to be attended by family members. . .FOX2 execs are mum about the disappearance of top-of-the-shelf personality John Auble and only say he’s out for personal issues. . .Creve Coeur Mayor Harold Dielman is mending from heart surgery. . .Christopher Tritto, a scribe at the St. Louis Business Journal, is telling pals that he is ankling the newspaper “to pursue new writing prospects and open myself to opportunities.”  Meanwhile, is radio talker and former KMOV reporter Jamie Alman now doing investigations for KSDK?. . . Power lunch to end all lunches at Cielo in the Four Seasons Hotel was where the inn’s newly annointed g.m., Alper Oztok was introed to regulars Nancy and Ken Kranzberg and St. Louis Convention & Visitor’s Kitty Ratcliffe. Kitty tipped that the 5,000 members of the Council for Exceptional Children will hold its convention here in April, 2016, which will generate 10,500 hotel room nights. Cielo’s exec chef Fabrizio Schenardi and g.m. Marco Pacelli prepared and orchestrated the meals of which no gastronomic fantasy goes unfulfilled. . .Elton John graces the cover of the Feb. 17 issue of Rolling Stone and says in a lengthy interview that he sold all his personal LP collection in 1989 “for $250,000 to somebody in St. Louis,” while raising funds for the newly-founded AIDS Foundation.  “I really regret it now,” he admits. The composer and crooner calls himself “probably the most famous homosexual in the world” and admits annoying “the other homosexual by doing things like playing Rush Limbaugh‘s wedding.”


Esther Haywood and Ina Boon

Rush Limbaugh gets rich off of stupid white folks,” declared St. Louis County branch of the NAACP prez Esther Haywood, a former state rep and educator. Haywood, who helped integrate the Memphis schools in the 1960s, orchestrated the “Soulful Jazz Brunch”/fundraiser Saturday at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Haywood said she’s on a crusade to add more members to her chapter’s growing youth group.  “If they’d get involved, there would be less crime,” said Haywood.  The columnist couldn’t resist watching the crowd singing and applauding a set that featured “Lift Every

County Police Chief Tim Fitch and Esther Haywood

Voice and Sing” to the beat of jazz. Members of the audience included County Police Chief Tim Fitch, who excused himself. “I have to go to my car to get my checkbook to pay for that painting,” said Fitch, who had bought it at the auction.  Others: Ina Boon, prez emeritus; Adrian and Vernon Bracy, managing partner of RVC Group and honorees – State Sen. Rita Heard, Normandy Mayor Pat Green; Demetrius Hatcher; Andreal Hoosman; Angela Haywood Gaskin; Alvin Miller and Fitch.

Vernon and Adrian Bracey

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