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Shaun Hayes may have taken down another bank – Excel Bank now Simmons Bank.  Hayes was the largest stockholder and used the bank for himself and Michael Litz.  So goes three banks and counting: Sun Securities; Truman and Excel – you kidding me?. . .Apple has introduced a 7.9-inch iPad Mini tablet. ..Monday’s presidential debate broke all Fox News ratings with 11.5 viewers topping all its cable competition. . .In the DC Comics’ “Superman” (due in comic book stores today), the man of steel’s alter ego, Clark Kent, resigns from the Daily Planet and is speculated to be creating a blog similar to Huffington Post/Drudge Report. . .Yesteryore St. Louis Symph maestro Leonard Slatkin will take to the podiums special guest pianist at 7 p.m., Jan.14 for The Chamber Music Society at the Sheldon. . .Syndicated radio guy George Noory will intro Georgio Tsoukalos at 7 p.m., Sunday at the Sheraton City Center Hotel. Both Georges have worked together on The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”. . .The Grove remains the most edgy, creative, diverse and inclusive part of town where seven new storefront businesses have blossomed.  Among the newbies: Sameem Afghan Restaurant; Urban Breath Yoga; O’Shay’s Pub; Layla Lebanese; SoHo Restaurant and Lounge; City Boutique and Joyia Tapas.


The world premiere of the film, “Space Junk,” will unreel at its world premiere on Jan. 14 in the OMNIMAX Theater. Don Kessler, retired head of NASA’s Orbital Debris Office and the daddy of “Space Junk” will be on hand. . .Nancy Kranzberg,the late Charlotte Peters and Harry Fender or celebrated maestro Buddy Moreno, who calls Delmar Gardens North his home these days, would have been far more entertaining than the shlock entertainment bill First Night presented at Grand Center. Moreno is getting well wishes on his 100th birthday from pals. His career was celebrated during the years after he appeared with the big bands of Dick Jurgens and Alvino Rey. . .Can it be so? Seems that Shaun Hayes, who’s mired in lawsuits, had premium seats during the World Series. . .


Demos and Caesar Investment, LLC has sued Excel Bank, Shaun Hayes, Eighteen Investments, Inc., and the notorious Michael Litz. In July, Excel Bank sued Hayes and Litz and McKnight Man LLC, a company owned by Hayes, for a default on a $1 million loan. Truman Bank is also suing Hayes’ trust.


WashU has reported it has garnered an endowment of $5.3 billion as of fiscal year ending in June. . .Former banking wunderkind Shaun Hayes has collected two more lawsuits: First Collinsville Bank and Excel Bank. . .Kitty Ratcliffe’s St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commish has just inked the National Recreation & Park Association convention for October, 2016, that will bring 5,200 attendees and 14,000 room nights. Great Rivers Greenway’s Susan Trautman was among the supporters for the bid. . .Linn State College in Linn, MO. is the first college in the nation to require all adult students to submit to mandatory drug tests. So says the ACLU, which will seek to overturn the policy at an Oct. 25 court hearing. The school is just outside Jeff City. . .Former Blues enforcer Tony Twist is taking off his gloves to helm the “Blissful Wishes Ball on Nov. 20 at the Coronado Ballroom. The St. Louis chapter of the Wish Upon a Wedding, the world’s first non-profit wedding wish grant organization will raise bucks to continue its mission of granting weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness and other life-altering situations. . .Liam Sehnert was given a rousing birthday party over the weekend at the St. Louis Priory marking his 14th year in our world. Liam is the son of Jane and Thom Sehnert of Annie Gunn’s and the Smokehouse fame. It was at the Smokehouse where affable g.m. Mike Sehnert, who was checking in homemade pancake mix for the holidays, said his pop Joe Sehnert took off for Liberia where he will school 250 orphans.


The 700 South Brentwood Condo Association has filed a lawsuit against Shaw Credit Investments and Shaun Hayes, its director and registered agent, for breach of contract concerning a settlement the two made in November, court documents show. The association is also seeking an injunction from St. Louis County Judge Michael Jamison, that would prevent a scheduled August tax sale on six of the units at 8054 Davis Drive and 700 South Brentwood in Clayton. 700 South Brentwood Association says Hayes has failed to make payments for all unpaid and delinquent taxes on the units he agreed to make under the November agreement. The association also alleges in the court documents that Hayes breached his fiduciary duty by undercapitalizing Shaw Credit investments and stripping the Shaw Credit of its assets to avoid creditors. The association is asking for a judgment of $40k plus any additional taxes levied on or after Dec. 31. In addition, the association is asking the court to find that it is the equitable owner of the units as of Dec. 1 and to appoint a receiver to manage Shaw Credit. Donna Webster is president of the association, which is represented by Todd Billy of the offices of Marvin Nodiff. Hayes has been involved in a litany of litigation in regard to his association with Michael Litz and Bellington Realty.


With banks easing terms on loans, our town’s Truman Bank has been unforgiving with Shaun Hayes and has foreclosed on his house on St. Andrews. . .Auomotive giant Frank Bommarito got a phone call this week from U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood thanking him for his company’s ads that, instead of selling cars, driving cars while distracted was the theme. . .A summons was recently served at the Kirkwood residence of Grand Slam Sports prez and GM David Greene. Greene allegedly breached a contract with CitiBank of South Dakota for an unpaid balance of $33k. Grand Slam Sports owns St. Louis Sports magazine. . .The amiable Caitlin Kirby has jumped ship from One 19 North Tapas Wine and Bar in Kirkwood, where she was a managing partner over a rift with Pat and Ellen Carr. Kirby is the heiress of Tim and Joan Kirby of Duff’s in the CWE. . . Sprightly ophthalmologist Bob Munsch, was expected at the nupts of his pal Prince Albert to Charlene Wittsock in Monaco. . . Another aisle-walk in our town will be this weekend’s merger of AMT Electric exec David Mooney to Fort Zumwalt South science teacher Caitlin Smith at DeMenil House. . .Mo. Secty. of Treasury Clint Zweifel sez 120,000 accounts containing $36 million of unclaimed property have been claimed.


Arlene and Dr. Phillip Korenblat

Arlene and Dr. Phillip Korenblat

MoDot has presented a proposal to reduce staffing, facilities and equipment “to put more funding toward vital road and bridge projects. The proposal was sent to the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commish. . .Chez Leon was where attorney Gene Zafft and his wife, Maureen, entertained pals at their table d’hote, while the go-to barrister mentioned he’s now representing several descendants of brewery magnate Adolphus Busch in a trust matter. Nearby were Bob Green, walker for Lois Cook, whose ex (for 30 years)

Lois Cook

Lois Cook

was famed banker Sam Cook, whose sobriquet was “Blythe Spirit.” Of Sam, 89, Lois sighed, “I still love him.” Sam once gave $2.5 million to Mizzou to fund a chair for research in the study of macroeconomics – chump change for one of the nation’s top economists. Chef Marcel Keravel’s signature popiete de raie, skatewing stuffed with artichoke mouse and lemon butter, was de rigeuer that evening. . . “Rusty” Carnahan emailed everyone on his lists to shoot down robocalls “distorting my record by

Elizabeth Gambaro and Mark Phillips

Elizabeth Gambaro and Mark Phillips

using a political stunt,” he wrote. The robocalls included this message: “After spending recklessly and maxing out the nation’s credit card, Carnahan demanded that Congress vote to increase the nation’s debt limit without making any spending cuts.” Rusty countered, “Republicans are prepared to spend big dollars spreading lies”. . U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office has emailed invitations to attend a fundraiser for her reelection bid, that will be hosted at 150 Central Ave. in Clayton by Diane Gershman and Jimmy Jenkins. Guests are invited to chip in from $500 each to $5,000. Sniffed one of the recipients, “That’s enough to send her back for lessons at a flying school”. . .The conference of the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph will be held July 12 at the Millenium Hotel, where nearly

900 Sisters from St. Louis and across the nation and the world will gather. The key objective will be to salute the hotel for its signing of the EPCAT code to combat human trafficking. . .Shaun Hayes‘ manse at 9 Fordyce Lane was slated for foreclosure, while he owns two other houses – on Glen Eagles Drive and on Collingwood Drive in Olivettte. . .Laurie Klayman has been dubbed manager of the Tumi boutique at Plaza Frontenac. The shop, which will vend luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories debuts June 16. . .Over on The Hill at Viviano & Sons bossmen John, Sr., John, Jr., and Tony are offering Sapori Antichi,

gluten-free pasta in a spectrum of colors and cuts such as the Vatican, the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks. That’s where we espied lovely oenophile Valery Welp Starr, who reps Terra Firma Wines. . .Over at Adriana Fazio’s namesake dinery, she has named dishes after her heiresses: Tia, Diane and Suzanne. . .The Foundry Arts Center will pay tribute to Bobby Darin on July 15 with the music of Robert Shaw and The Stardusters Orchestra. . .Canoodles: Missouri Baking’s Gambaro family is still

celebrating the marriage of Elizabeth Gambaro to Mark Phillips, who tied the knot at St. Ambrose Catholic Church followed by a pouring at the Rose of the Hill on June 10. Parents are: Chris and Diane Gambaro; Charlie and Shirley Phillips of Affton. . Asthma and allergy specialist Dr. Phillip Korenblat and wife Arlene toasted their grandsons at Tony’s. . .On June 24, the ubiquitous musician Patrick Clark of Channel 11 will have a CD release party on June 24 in the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill.


Barrister Kelly Hayes and Thompson Coburn have parted company in the wake of her and husband Shaun Hayes’ financial woes. She is now president of Hayes Investment Co.


A judgment has been slammed against Shaun Hayes, once the golden boy of banking, by Ken Baldridge, which is pending in St. Louis County Circuit Court.  Other defendants named in the suit are Michael Litz, Libald-Hayes, ii., LLC, Universal Exports, LLC and South County Portfolio Mangement, LLC.  The hearing will be held April 20.  Hayes’ partner is Libald-Hayes and Michael Litz. Litz is under investigation by the feds for alleged multiple counts of mortgage and bank fraud.  He is believed to have forged a signature of a New York investor who was guarantor of a $1 million loan with Sun Bank. Litz is co-owner of Bellington Realty and Eighteen Investments.  His partner is Michael B. Fox, who is also under investigation relating to the matters. It appears that Bellington and Eighteen Investments will be forced to close after the investigations are completed.  The two men allegedly funneled money from Bellington and Eighteen Investments to Flow Partnership, LLC, which is owned by the Michael Litz Revocable Trust and Michael B. Fox Revocable Trust. Judgments of more than $13 million have been entered against the two men. Other judgments pending against them total several million dollars. Included in the judgments already obtained are monies due several banks totaling  more than $9 million.  In addition, hundreds of thousands of dollars are due St. Louis County for unpaid property taxes.


Our town’s close-knit family of restaurateurs had a reunion at J. Sanfilipo’s downtown to celebrate the popular dinery’s 20th anniversary and to be captured by the cameras for KSDK’s “Show Me, St. Louis.”  Among the distinguished Palermo-born members: Concetta and Paul Manno (Paul Manno’s); John and Anna Mineo (John Mineo’s); family matriarch Rosa Gabrielle and son Paul (who are negotiating to buy Yagu in Chesterfield Valley for their “Agostino’s); Fina and Giovanni Gabrielle (Giovanni’s on The Hill); Benny and Lia Buzetta and Joe Sanfilipo, the honored member. . .Famed rock group the 2 AM Club, just off from celebrating their RCA/SONY release of “What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?” settled down at Creve Coeur’s First Watch for bossman Jeff Furhrman‘s  “2 For You” lunch special. What happened to them in Columbus, Ohio?  “We were dragged to a strip club,” said singer Mark Griffin. They performed here at the Rock House. . .Glammy Julie Drier has checked into Dielmann Sotheby’s, while her hub David is with AON and previously served as prez of Intrav & Clipper Cruise Line (reminds me, whatever became of travel maven/art collector Barney Ebsworth?}. . .Armed only with a camera and sound gear, directors Jeff Krulik and John Heyn shot a documentary of a Judas Priest concert and captured the raucous and unexpurgated interviews with teenage metal heads.  The time capsule of mid-1980s in “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” will be unspooled at 7 p.m. on Sunday at the Mad Art Gallery. . .Late hometowner/actor Vincent Price will be honored on his 100th birthday May 24-28 by his daughter Victoria Price, who will plug her book, “Vincent Price: A Daughter’s Biography.” Celebration of Price, who last appeared in our town in the 1970s as Fagin in the Muny’s production of the musical “Oliver,” will also include an exhibit of his artifacts and memorabilia at the Sheldon, beginning April 22.  Curator is Tom Stockman, who said the showing will include Price’s costume from “House of Wax”. . .Back in his native haunts this week was David Slay to pay respects to the Gene Slay family on Gene’s passing and to visit with his mom, Eileen, and Keith Barket before Barket and his wife, Ginny, head to the gaming tables in Vegas, where they’ll mark their 50th wedding anniversary. Slay is proud owner of Park Avenue Restaurant in Stanton, CA. in Orange County.  His son, David, Jr., heading to Australia to study sports management at Bond University. . .Staff and students of Eden Theological Seminary have enjoyed perhaps their most accomplished visiting prof, Dr. Allan Callahan, one of the nation’s premiere biblical scholars.  Fluent in modern languages and knowledge of seven ancient dialects, Callahan taught at Harvard Divinity School and Boston College. . .Patrick Clark, musician and ex-syndicated TV host, is out at KPLR’s 4 p.m. newscast.  Sez a station spokeswoman, “He’s still an important part of the team.  We’re just changing pitchers for now”. . .Shaun Hayes has been hit with another lawsuit and this time by 1st Advantage Bank of St. Peters, Mo.  Other defendants are Wildwood Capital LLC and Christopher Kersten. . .Steady as they go: interior painter extraordinaire John Pisani and the Symph’s Vicki Kirchoff having a romantic din at Anthony’s. Pisoni by the way, has just completed re-doing Joan Daleo‘s The Olde Thyme Produce on Produce Row. . .Rochelle Popkin, ex of super lawyer Alan Popkin, has a new love interest.

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