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The St. Louis County Police Department will be honored by Gil Kerlikowske, chosen by President Barack Obama as director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, on Dec. 13 for the gendarmes’ outstanding achievements in heroin intervention. Applause for Chief Tim Fitch and County Exec Charlie Dooley!


“We have a number of openly-gay police officers and no one really cares about their personal lifestyle,” said St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch over lunch at Il Bel Lago.  “I’ve promoted some to higher ranks and they’ve turned out to be great command people.”  Then, Fitch turned to the subject of speed cameras and insisted, “I can’t wrap my arms around places that use police for the sole purpose of raising revenue for those cities.”  He added Moline Acres has installed one.  He also lamented that longtime police spokesman Rick Eckhard will be transferred in two weeks to the fugitive team and will be responsible for flying around the country and bringing criminals to justice. Finally, it was a birthday wish for Fitch on his 51st and he’ll be celebrating soon in Italy with his beloved wife, Amy.


More than $23 million of unclaimed property has been returned during the first six months of fiscal 2012, says Mo. State Treasurer Clint Zweifel. “The amount is a 31 percent increase over the same record-setting period the previous year,” he wrote. . .The City of Dellwood has requested assistance from the St. Louis County cops and additional county officers are temporarily detached to Dellwood beginning today, according to county Chief Tim Fitch. . .Clayton barrister, Albert Watkins, who usually bombards media with emails: “‘Watkin’s World” airs on Fridays, 7-9 a.m. on KFNS FM 100.7″‘. . .From the “Stuff Journalists Like” blog: “New Year’s resolution for reporters: (1) Dinner can’t be anything that can be ordered by the number or in a drive-thru. (2) Quit smoking (unless accompanied by drinking). (3) Work on making bar tab less than rent. (4) Drink less at work, and (5) Appreciate the fact you still have a job in journalism.”


Just in from a command staff meeting, St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch concluded, “There has been a double-digit increase of burglaries over 2010 and they’re mostly in the north and and central county areas.” Chief Fitch explained that most of the crimes are thefts of copper from coils of air-conditioning units and from vacant houses. “The City Police department is facing the same issue,” Fitch added.


The New York Times notes that controversial Catholic priest Fr. Roy Bourgeois, an advocate for ordaining female clerics, will wind up a national speaking tour here in September.  Bourgeois will address the Faithful of Southern Illinois on Sept. 25 at the Hilton Regency Conference Center in O’Fallon from 1:30-4:30 p.m. Also speaking will be Sister Jeannine Grammic, who’s been threatened by the Vatican for her ministry to LGBT communities. . .Mo. A.G.Chris Koster’s office will offer a Sunshine Law workshop Sept. 12 in Jeff City. . .County Police Chief Tim Fitch has upped four gendarmes: Charles Boschert to captain; Jeffrey Burke – lieutenant and Craig Molden and Keith Wildhaber to sergeant. . .Mo. Bap. Med Center prez Joan Magruder has been dubbed one of the top 25 women in healthcare by Modern Healthcare magazine. . .Lawsuits are flying!  The Lawrence Group, Inc., vs. City Housing Development LLC’s Chris and Mary Goodson for breach of contract set for the court of Circuit Judge Steve Ohmer; Realtor Mary “One: Johnson has been sued by Pulaski Bank for allegedly opening a checking account and refusal to pay the money owed; Trivers & Assciates architectural firm has sued Craig Heller’s Loftworks L.L.C. for breach of contract for services provided for the Louderman Lofts and the Ludwig Lofts; .Amy and Amrit Gill’s Grove Place II has been hit by a suit for property damage on structures located on Gibson Avenue by Osman Omar.


The computer screen lit up angrily this morning. It seemed hungry for copy.  Swallowing a yawn, the columnist began feeding snappy three-dot items. A copy of a message sent to the staff at the Post-Dispatch by Adam Goodman announced the retirement of reporter Phil Sutin, a quaint, colorful and skilled reporter for 45 years at the daily.  Goodman rambled on about Sutin’s achievements and his plans to assist his wife, Kathie, with a website she has started. Goodman also wrote of Sutin, “No one – and I mean no one – can navigate the St. Louis area and its bloated bureaucracies. . .the way Phil can”.  Phil, if you’re out of a job. . .Let’s hear it for Giuseppe’s Restaurant on south Grand Boulevard and now in its 40th year. Veteran chefs Carlos Chirco and Jerry Mohr continue to serve the public during daily lunch hours, while turning out premiere catering for denizens of corporate and private parties. That’s where retired attorney Phil Newmark regaled his wife, Barbara,and pals Joe and Mary Marino of his run as a state Department of Revenue employee conducting hearings for license suspensions.  Deb Kotraba, server there for 25 years, recalled with other diners some of the most popular, long-gone nearby haunts. There were: Nettie’s Florist; the Ritz Theater; the aged Sears store; Grandview Cafeteria; Pelicans Restaurant; Al Smith’s; Velvet Freeze; Kroger’s; Shenberg’s Open-Air Market; Zenthoffer Furs and, an eerie replay of the 905 Liquor Store where a triple murder took place in its basement. There was also Betty’s Bar that catered to gay women.  In those days, gay bars were frequently raided by the police. By her own account, Betty once was arrested for impersonating a man. Staying contemporary is a hard role to play in a neighborhood with a magnificent past. . . Tonight a caravan of St. Louis County police will head to Joplin and will report to the city’s command staff, according to Police Chief Tim Fitch. . .It was a great week any way you look at it. Mary Hedger has been dubbed on-site communications mgr. for the upcoming Body Worlds & Brain Exhibition at the Science Center. The fugitive task force of St. Louis County Police, city police and U.S. Marshalls arrested Johnnie Brown of Hazelwood, who was recently featured on “America’s Most Wanted” for felony allegations of rape of a child, domestic violence and incest. The Memphis Commercial Appeal profiled a story on the “largely untold story” of how a Normandy-based African-American order of nuns broke racial barriers to public education by quietly desegregating Catholic colleges, universities and normal schools. The group, the Oblate Sisters of Providence, strategies helped open doors by helping turn Catholic elementary and secondary schools into havens of quality education for black children. Among those interviewed for the doctoral dissertation was former St. Louis Bishop Terry Steib, now bishop of the Diocese of Memphis. . .Bosnian and do-gooder Alen Hadziahmetovic was flanked by Judge Terry Adelman and guest speaker Fibbens Korateng while among the 66 sworn in as U.S. citizens at Soldan International Studies High. . .In his 13th year as owner of Creve Coeur Camera, Stephen Weiss has begun conducting workshops on flash photography and studio lighting techniques for outdoors and indoors. Said Weiss: “I now understand they are starving for information. We really don’t sell merchandise in the classes.  We just show the students what they need to produce a specific image and they realize what they’re missing from their cameras”. . . Jack Martorelli and Steve Holley are coordinating the June 20 amateur boxing event, “The First to Fight,” at Scottrade in which St. Louis marines are pitted against St. Louis police officers and firefighters to benefit Backstoppers and the Semper Fi Society.


St. Louis University prez the Rev. Larry Biondi has snubbed our
town’s architects by favoring a Boston firm to create design plans for
the renovation of the Pope Pius XII Library. . .WashU’s food critic at
Student Life campus newspaper, Nedda Sedovsky, takes a few shots at
1111 Mississippi dinery by slamming one dish as “heavy-handed” and
another one – “Oil both glistens with the top of this mess”. . .UMSL
music educator and Prof. Fred Willman has turned to giving ukulele
lessons. . . Viewership skyrocketed for the Royal Wedding on NBC’s
“Today” show and ABC’s “Good Morning America.” CBS failed to match the
networks’ numbers. . .The movie “Rio” nabs top spot in international box
office grosses with a whammo $366 million. Meanwhile, industryites are
a-tittering about the fate of the proposed film, “Kill Bin Laden,” a
Katherine Bigelow starrer. . .Mo. Rep. Rory Ellinger, (D ,72nd
Dist.) told the columnist, “A great development program will take place
over the next 10 years on Olive Boulevard from I-170 to Skinker
Boulevard. That will not include entertainment venues.”  Ellinger, whose
district includes U. City, was on hand the other night for Rainbow
Village’s bash, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” at the Marriott West
Hotel. Lydia Rasis explained that Rainbow Village hopes to acquire
several more houses this year to serve people with developmental
disabilities.  For now, Rainbow Village consists of 52 residences.
James Fogel was recipient of the Tice Humanitarian Award. . . St.
Louis county Police Chief Tim Fitch predicted that due to the economy
a number of municipalities will fold their police departments in favor
of a contract with the county gendarmes. Fitch presided over a meeting
in St. Charles of the regional police chiefs, an association for which
he serves as prez. . .On Aug. 25, Father Roy Bourgeois will speak
here. He’s the priest struggling with his own church hierarchy, which is
defrocking him for backing women who are trying to be ordained in the
Catholic church.  The Faithful of Southern Illinois (FOSIL) is bringing
the Maryknoll priest here. The good cleric is a Purple Heart recipient
and former Nobel Prize honoree. In the 1970s, he was arrested and forced
to leave Bolivia for helping the poor battling injustice there.


“The Israelis will spare no expense on security,” said St. Louis County Chief of Police Tim Fitch from his hotel room in Israel. “For each security person, Israel spends $75 and in the U.S. we spend about $7.  Also at the Tel Aviv airport, profiling of passengers is conducted whereas we do not.” After a tour of Jerusalem, Fitch observed via the phone call, that “there are fences and walls everywhere and I found it very complicated.” So far, he said that bomb detection has been a prime learning experience during the fact-finding tour. Fitch, along with a small group of leading law enforcement operatives in the U.S., had been invited for a week to observe and learn that nation’s behind-the-scenes security technology.


“There has been an average of over 40 heroin overdose deaths for each of the last five years with a high of 60 deaths in 2010,” pointed out County Police Chief Tim Fitch. “The highest represented group in this number is white males in the 25-30 year average age group.” So, in cooperation with the St. Louis Area Police Chiefs Association, the DEA and school district officials, a more aggressive approach using multiple agencies will be launched.


Since its March 12 contractual agreement with the St. Louis County
Police Department, most residents of the City of Jennings have never
felt so comfortable. It happened Monday night at that city’s council
meeting during which a resident spoke: “For the first time in 12 years
sitting on my porch, I’ve never felt safer.” Good news for county Chief
Tim Fitch. The next day, returning from Jennings where he toasted a St.
Louis county police captain’s retirement, Fitch espied one of his
department’s patrol cars driven by an officer with three passengers.
Fitch stopped his car alongside suspecting the officer might need help.
The passengers were ordered out of the car. As they left the car, a
young woman attempted to hide under her foot a container filled with
marijuana. Fitch recovered it and arrested the three. She questioned
Fitch, who told her, “Look, I’ve been around 25 years – longer than
you’ve been on earth.” “Not every day someone gets busted by a police chief”,
Fitch remarked to the columnist.

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