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In a report last night on the Milwaukee archdiocesan bankruptcy, CNN’s Ted Rowland questioned whether New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan improperly moved $74 million to a fund for individual parishes there (to “shelter” it, according to one internal church memo). Months ago, lawyers for 570 alleged victims of Wisconsin predator priests leveled similar charges, accusing Dolan of illegally moving $55 million into a cemetery maintenance fund when he headed the archdiocese from 2002-2009. Rowland interviewed a now-retired archdiocesan vice chancellor, Fr. Jim Connell, who said the church needs action from the very top to come clean. The Cardinal, a Ballwin native, refused to be interviewed for the piece. And on Wednesday, Dolan was deposed in a civil abuse suit as he prepares to head to Rome to help elect the next pope.


Well, whadya know! Facebook has added same-sex marriage icons for its timeline feature. . .Noted Vatican observer John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter says American clerics have unprecedented power now in the Vatican.  But this isn’t just an American moment, he says, “but a St. Louis moment: (new Vatican PR man) Greg Burke is a St. Louis native, Cardinal Raymond Burke, who heads the Vatican’s highest court, is a former archbishop of St. Louis. Throw Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York into the mix, another St. Louis native who’s the Vatican’s go-to guy in the States, and you’ve got a strong Roman footprint for the “Gateway to the West.” Even if “the Vatican remains an Italian village,” Allen writes, “these days it feels increasingly like one nestled on the Upper East Side of New York, or perhaps the suburbs of St. Louis, where one can always hear some American-accented English wafting through the air alongside the dulcet tones of il bel paese”. . .In an interview with L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, new Vatican spinmeister Greg Burke discloses that he quietly became an Italian citizen a few weeks ago.  Burke grew up, the newspaper reports, “in an Irish-German St. Louis neighbourhood and he studied at the city’s Jesuit  high school (either SLU High or DeSmet)”. . .John Hoffman’s “Unapproved Chesterfield Newsletter” cites “the attempt of the mayor and city administrator tries to control coverage of city issues” and reports that “. . .one high-ranking city official described improved reporting of hot issues in the city was suddenly “tattle tailing”. . .Look for Toys R Us to bow Ice Age boutiques next week to exhibit more than 50 new licensed toys and vido games tied to the July 13 release of the fourth installment of the movie franchise, “Ice Age 4: Continental Drift” in 3-D. . .The city of Joplin could have 99 FEMA concrete shelters for the future if its proposal is passed to use them as temporary housing units. . .That was Webster University management and poly sci prof James Brasfield in The New York Times opining on what’s next for President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act.  “It might be difficult for a Romney administration to come back and say, “Oh we really like some parts of A.C.A., we are not going to repeal them,” Brasfield maintains. . .Lego, Kibbles ‘n Bits, the movie, “Mirror Mirror” and other advertisers are tieing their ads to a Selena Gomez virtual makeover game and positioning their brands nearer the hearts of tween girls.  The gender-specific version of the theory are getting positive results targeting the tweens with “advergames” and video ads that roll before an online game starts. . .Blogger Steve Patterson notes that 196 years ago, a new municipality, North St. Louis, was founded.  A Pennsylvania man with innovative ideas about city planning, Maj. William Christy, set its southern boundary line at Madison Street and helped establish a boatyard to attract steamboat landing instead of farther downstream.  And a ferry made regular runs between North St. Louis and Alton.  Just 24 years later, however, the municipality was absorbed in St. Louis. . .On the surface, one could never tell that Arch Coal had beaucoups layoffs from the sight of its treasurer Jim Florak enjoying a sumptuous lunch at Il Bel Lago with Regional Bank’s Michael Jones, Sheri Faulkenberg and John Holland.  “Yes, I’m the treasurer like Tim Geitner,” joshed Jim. . .Here’s to best wishes for Chuck Halpern’s Columbia Auto Repair on its 25th anniversary on The Hill. . .The gossip in Florissant has come to a close over the departure of Bob Lowery from the mayor’s office.  Seems he’ll now have to pay to rent the two-story cabin in Sunset Park.


More than 1,200 readers of The Washington Post have commented on a thought-provoking new column by E.J. DIONNE.  The Catholic pundit asks if the U.S.’ most conservative bishops “want to junk the church as we have known it. . .and then turn it into the Tea Party of prayer?”  Prelates, he charges, are launching “attacks that. . .cast administration officials as “communist-style apparatchiks.” Dionne cites Ballwin native Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who said in a recent speech “I suppose we could say there might be come doctor who would say to a man who is suffering some sort of sexual dysfunction, “You ought to start visiting a prostitute to help you, and I will write you a prescription, and I hope the government will pay for it.”


The Missouri Press Association has commissioned the production of a documentary on the devastating Joplin tornado and how the Joplin Globe covered it while coping with the death of a newsroom staffer and one-third of the newsroom left homeless.  Premieres are being booked for unspoolings in Columbia and Joplin. . .Steady as they go: Leslie Fever, owner of Bella Capelli salon in Webster Gr., and entrepreneur Sorkis Webbe, Jr. But, that’s not the item. Webbe is now operations chief for St. Luke’s nephrologist Dr. Steve Bander’s two golf courses. Under the flag of B Golf Management. Webbe oversees the Quail Creek course near St. Anthony’s Med Center and Sunset Hills Golf Course & Banquet Center. . .Channel 5, where the new hire was doing an Internet talk show on how to find a job. . .apparently, it worked for him. Thinking about Ava Erlich,who leads the recruiting team and oversees the intern program, who wanted the job, is spitting nails. Particularly since her son, Alex Freedman, was knocked out of the running for the KMOX sports promotion spot.  Now, he’s heading for Florida to try as a sportscaster.  The station’s “Information Management Team”: Missy Glassmaker to become managing editor; Sam Zeff, evening executive producer.  On another front with Manchester, N.H.’s WMUR News 9 and former KSDK staffer Mike Garrity, who helped rescue a woman who nearly drowned in the violent waters in Cabo San Lucas. He and co-worker Adam Sexton were recently honored at a ceremony by the U.S. Coast Guard.  Great honor for the guys who have made a living covering breaking news. . .It was a loss for barrister Gerald Noce, who represents the Marianists, a religious order that runs Catholic schools.  Noce had sought a writ from an appeals court to stop a civil lawsuit against Brother William Mueller, who worked at Vianney and Chaminade in the 1960s and 1970s. Mueller, who now lives in Texas, has been accused of sexually violating more than 50 students in three states, often drugging them first.  Word is that Clayton lawyer Ken Chackes will file the first abuse case this week against Brother Louis Meinhardt, a teacher who spent 30 years at Chaminade. . .It wasn’t just the Italians, who were smitten with Cardinal Timothy Dolan of Ballwin.  The Irish Echo in NYC, a weekly that bills itself as “The USA’s Most Widely Read Irish-American Newspaper,” editorializes that perhaps Dolan is “high up in the ladder” to succeed Pope Benedict.” Among Dolan’s assets, the paper says: “He is a doctrinal conservative who is not shy when it comes to defending the church’s positions” and “is relatively youthful at just 62,” and “sits atop a branch of the church that is crucial to its present and future prosperity.” But, “it’s Dolan being an American that may be an obstacle to any hopes that his admirers have for an elevation to the highest office in the church.”


Soon to be elevated to a Cardinal on Feb. 18, N.Y. Arch. Timothy Dolan wrote in his “Gospel in the Digital Age” how he enjoyed Stan Musial’s biography. The prelate of the Roman Catholic Church wrote that Musial “. . .to this day is the most renowned of my beloved hometown St. Louis Cardinals. . .He is ‘the Man.’ As a kid, I adored him.”  Dolan recalled how he and his brother, Bob, had gone to Lambert Airport to meet his grandmother and recognized Musial. “Go over and say hello,” instructed Dolan’s dad. “Hi, Stan!,” blurted out Timothy. “Whaddya say, sluggers?,” replied Musial. Arch. Dolan concluded in his article, “. . .Stan’s life, while jam-packed with phenomenal baseball achievements, was free from scandal and controversy.”


Hometown boy-made-good Timothy Dolan heads to Seattle where he’ll chair the annual summer meeting of the America’s Catholic bishops.  It’s the first time he’ll preside over his colleagues since his surprise election last year as head of the U.S. Conference of Bishops. And, Philadelphia Cardinal Justin Rigali has been tapped by Pope Benedict to attend a special church celebration in June in the Czech Republic.


With thick slabs of midday sunshine between layers of misty gray, dried leaves crackling underfoot like potato chips, spectators along Market Street are beginning to see and hear progress at the Kiel Opera House. Restoration seems to be on schedule with scaffolding up to the ceiling, the cleaning and polishing of art deco and gold leaf, all new plumbing and electrical systems, wider seating, removal of false ceilings from the auditorium, which had once divided courts and offices and load-in will begin on the Fifteenth Street side. Arguably, the work may be completed by October, 2011. Quick, call the photo editors! . . .Clergy sex abuse victims are opposing the promotion of hometowner and New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan to president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  It’s all due to actions in August about a prominent Harlem cleric who faces nine accusations of molesting minors.  Instead of permanently ousting the monsignor from ministry and revealing the matter to the public, that the allegations are credible, Archbishop Dolan quietly let him resign and left the impression that the cleric’s health problems were the cause of his leaving. . .While Big Oil candidates won many races on Nov. 2, Sierra Club members here are responding by hiring a state director to expand the fight for a clean energy agenda. Longtime activist John Hickey will take the helm of the chapter director beginning Nov. 16. Watch for the 10,000 club members in Missouri to fight back against efforts to roll back the gains of the last two years. One big fight on the horizon: the Sierra Club supports EPA’s efforts to regulate greenhouse gases. Hickey said, “It is time to move away from Dirty Energy and build a clean energy economy that creates jobs and saves the planet.”

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