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We can’t see their likes again:
The barbecue eateries: Mac’s; Vic’s; Ed’s; Tastee and Roscoe McCrary’s.
Fried chicken at Golden Fried, Buckingham’s and Van Horn’s. Cafeteria’s:
Steven’s; Holloway House; Forum; Pope’s; Thompson’s; Hendrickson’s and
above all – Miss Hulling’s. St. Louis, the gorgeous mess. The clanking
thoughts occurred to me as I drove past a dignified facade. As I looked
up and out at where the movers and shakers once lived, I wondered if
they’re still moving and shaking.

5 Responses to “THE UNFORGETTABLE”

  • Buttinsky says:

    Most of them are probably rolling. Over in their graves.

  • Wayne Brasler says:

    My family would go to the Forum for dinner every Sunday after visiting our grandmother. I still remember passing down the serving line seeing food I was destined never to eat as my family could not afford shrimp cocktails, and the delicious breaded veal with country gravy and the wonderful grape drink. You would see everyone but everyone there. Only later did I learn that no matter where you lived in the city or who you were you would see everyone but everyone there. Golden Fried on Delmar was like being on a distant planet, with that crispy crunchy chicken in gigantic pieces, the whole loaf of crusty bread, the spinach salad, and the crazed lady who owned and reigned over the place. Everyone went there too. And Ed’s White Front barbecue at Goodfellow and Natural Bridge, oh, yummy. Miss Hulling’s was always a special treat, Thompson’s was great when you were short on money nnd there was Flaming Pit, which served a peach half with its sizzling steaks. Also, Jack Salmon at Parkmoor, and the much-forgotten Hoppy’s on Hampton. And Medart’s, which became the Cheshire Inn, the place to go after a Prom and other special events. And of course Garavelli’s near Grand and Garavelli’s on DeBalivere, same family, different operations, pretty much the same fabulous menu. And finally the Tack Room at the Chase for late night eats and, for me, fun lunch with Jerry Berger with anyone and everyone coming to the table to pay homage to him.

  • Alan Z says:

    And, of course, “Sam the Watermelon Man.”

  • KITTY says:

    Oh Bergermeister, you forgot to mention the 40+ restaurants that David Slay opened and subsequently bankrupted! Ozzie Smith is still licking his wounds!

  • cynical says:

    How about the Pevely Fountain? Does it bring back a wave of fond memories? It sure does for me!

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