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Theodoro Baking Co. on north Lindbergh Boulevard in Hazelwood, along with Kirberg Roofing, Hartford Casualty and Travelers Indemnity have been sued by the building’s landlords, Marla Deep Freeze Partners LLC and Marla Property Partners LLC.  The plaintiffs are seeking $8 million plus punitive damages from Theodoro – the total of which might be equal or more than $21 million for alleged breach of lease contract. The lawsuit alleges maintenance and repairs to the structure have not been been done as called for by the contract.  Among the counts are: damage to the roofing system and  steel structure as well  as intentional tort for having “damaged or intentionally damaged the leased building as set. . .” Theodoro has occupied the building since 1994. Michael Daniels is the president of Theodoro.


  • teebop says:

    michael daniels is a thief and his sister who is in payrole human resources is under investigation

  • Anonymous says:

    Look out for those payrole peeple. If thay lern to spel we r in reel trubble.

  • puckoff says:

    this bakery is a dump a few years ago the sewer backed up in the production area the stench was overwelming robsham,daniels and the sidekick laura did nothing but have the workers bucket the water out into a trash can and dump outside. the next time you see a donut delivery look at the carts they a filthy.this place delivers product on need to wash, noone can see it. incredible

  • Boom boom says:

    This is a trashy nasty place nothing but ex cons and nasty folks I worked there for 3 days the bathroom is terrible ppl don’t where gloves nets and MAGGETS on the dough uggghhhh I have pictures the I my send to the news !

  • Sy says:

    they service Shop and Save Stores with Donuts and Pastries

  • Anonymous says:

    None of the earlier statements are true. There are many people who have
    worked for over 25 years for this company. It is sad that people can write
    anything they want and it is not true. The owner of this company is a
    wonderful man.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mike Daniels, and his cronies, Jim Robsham, and Phil Hill are straight up criminals. They lie cheat and steal to run the business. While working there I personally witnessed hundreds of health code violations, DOT Violations, and blatant disregard for labor laws. It truly is the most disgusting place I have ever seen food being prepared and stored. It needs to be shut down immediately.

  • Anonymous says:

    This company sucks at life.

  • junod johnson says:

    Its ashamed..product should be handle..with plastic gloves.
    I worked at Wonder Bread north st.Louis..I seen a guy..use the urinal..walk out..without washing.his hands.that’s just plan out nasty..I put a application, in this facility.. 3weeks ago.I hope they never call me..I don’t know..what they pay anyway. At Wonder bread hostess,..they paid really..really times my take home pay was…$1,500.00 Wkly.I. hope these accusations are false..about Theodoro would’ve been..sort of nice..tothere there..just..10 mins..from my house.People that work..there I wish u well.Do good

  • MLN1 says:

    It is sad to see so many horrible things written above and I can say with 100% certainty none of them are true. I have spent over 27 years seeing this wonderful family business grow. Michael Daniels is an amazing man and has devoted his life to his business and family.

  • Anonymous says:

    mike is a asshole and laura is a racist bitch. this is the second pay period that they are giving us the run around about checks. last time we didn’t get payed until Friday night. people have bills to pay.

  • Hot as hell says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Phill Hill and Ben Kuda what a joke

  • da baker says:

    This place sucks,checks late once again,racks are nasty .and Laura, still is a racist bitch.Ben and them lying ass hoes, in the office are some fucking idiots.the news are health department stop by.

  • Anonynous says:

    I do understand employees get upset when paychecks are not distributed on time. Is has been well said that everybody has bills to pay, including the business. I worked for a company where was affected by the recession and hold a meeting to let us choose if we would like to stay working even tough the checks were going to be late a week if we were lucky or collect employment. Those who stayed and help the company to continue producing are now being rewarded.So it is really your choice, if you are not happy or satisfied, just go and look for another job and stop complaining.

  • Jean Valjean says:

    Judging from the mangled, 3rd-grade level grammar in several of these comments, someone is too stupid to learn basic English, but is smart enough to hack into several other people’s e-mail and able to respond as them.

  • mike cole says:

    i love this bakery are they looking for bakers

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