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Last week was tough for St. Louis priests who became bishops with a notable exception. As reported here first (and became a tipsheet for the Post-Dispatch and television stations) Pope Francis dissed Cardinal Raymond Burke and Cardinal Justin Rigali , knocking them off a key church panel that taps new bishops. And Memphis Bishop Terry Steib was criticized for keeping silent about a Tennessee priest, Fr. James Murphy, who allegedly molested kids in clergy sex orgies.  

9 Responses to “TOUGH FOR PRIESTS”

  • Wally Ballew says:

    It’s SNAP that is criticizing Bishop Steib–and only SNAP according to Google–but it’s nice to know SNAP is keeping an eye on things. Perhaps SNAP will be proved right–or wrong–as time goes on.

  • RETIRED1 says:

    It’s an even tougher week,day,hour,month,year,years and decades for the innocent child victims that are scarred emotionally and physically of sick pedophile Catholic priests that never were arrested and sent to prison!! No wonder I’m an atheist!

  • dd says:

    more venom from retired one…………when he is on his deathbed in terrible agony and pain and no family who cares for him and he is alone and thinking of his useless life, I wonder if he will realize the power of prayer and faith and????????????????

  • RETIRED1 says:

    dd,I’m too intelligent and emotionally strong to need a primitive fairy tales based crutch like religion.Religion is for the weak,simple minded and superstitious.I am aware that death is a part of life and am not afraid to die and don’t need the fictional promise of a heaven or hell to deal with accepting death.Prayer is a primitive ritual in which you are talking to yourself since there is no “god”,intelligent people are aware of that FACT!

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Retired 1..You sound so matter of fact. I spent over 60 yrs.,(No more since 2001!) In the rcc. My faith in God has never changed, only my faith in a church run & controlled by evil men! There is so much proof in my life that “HE” exsists, that I must go along with that reality. I plan on a good place to go after HE calls me home. I have loved my life with HIM…through all kinds of tests. HE comes with a guarantee! It’s written in HIS SON’S BLOOD! Check HIM OUT…You may like what HE SAYS ABOUT “YOU” and those you love!

  • Towncar07 says:

    As I have mention to the Tired1 before, with his rigid non belief system, I have mentioned just go and jump in front of a moving bus, and you have your past, you have your present, but what is your future ? If you have no faith in anything, your life becomes “for the moment”, and the moment that you cease…you may be one that gasps in awe at what you did not expect…I do not judge, I only suggest.

  • Gloria Sullivan says:

    My comment above is to retired 1 from me…gloria Sullivan.

  • Towncar07 says:

    Wait a minute !!! I just posted a response, and then Tired1 comes back with a show of high faith ??? Confusion reigns. This deserves a second look…AH, I see the beef is with the RCC…but that should not turn one into an atheist, only a more determined mind to find salvation in another allegiance. Unless, someone just falsely posted as Tired1…Post after post about atheism…yet ma man of faith…it is not congruent…wires sparking…mind flutters…eyes rolling…I feel faint…I now take leave…

  • Towncar07 says:

    OK, now later I see…back to reality…Thank you Gloria…you have the perfect first name. Thank you.

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