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Our town’s Onder Law Firm has filed 13 complaints (1,000 claims) against Monsanto alleging that Roundup weed killer has caused non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
TRUMP UNIVERSITY: A U.S. DIST. COURT has settled with some 3,700 students of Trump University for 90 cents on the dollar of what they invested in the fraud. The final settlement is $25 million.

7 Responses to “TRUMP UNIVERSITY”

  • Cowboy22 says:

    Love it. Let’s hope his stupid administration goes down in flames, too.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Hey Cowboy…ever had an idea that you thought up sitting with buddies and then forged ahead only to find your brilliance has strict limits?]

    Trump is a human being, we make mistakes..even Edison had total failure before light, and Lincoln had one tough political road before he made History.

    Root for your side, and let the Judges decide.

  • Eagle says:

    Hey, TC, given that you choose to ignore the epic list of Trump transgressions and ethical lapses, you qualify for the Most Forgiving Man on Earth award. Suggest you read a book on Mr. Trump’s past. Too much ignorance shown in your judgement of the man. Comparing him to Edison or Lincoln? Yeah, he’s Rushmore material!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Now Eagle, I was not necessarily praising Trump, I was merely showing him to be an inventive human that took both his young age and innate drive to try not only a few things, but LOTS of things…his flamboyancy added to his cachet, and he was already legend. You may classify Trump s having “transgressions”…and you are totally innocent, as I went down many avenues myself…some worked out well, some not so well. Same with Trump.

    As his age advanced, and he saw the real truth in “The Art of the Deal” is when he came of age and cultivated both his business and negotiation abilities, and because he had to deal with both sides of an issue, became very savvy. Remember his buying Kashoggi’s (sp) yacht…Trump Airlines, and the man built a brand that sold because he would accept nothing less than his building image of ‘git ‘er done. And, as it happened to be his profession, BUILDING things.

    As for Rushmore material, I’m sure you have seen the “suggestions” that Obama belongs alongside the greats already there…Gag me with a tire iron…but I am sure that if it were necessary to replicate Rushmore as a monument in DC, Trump would complete the task on time and under budget…despite eternal sabotage by the liberal wing.

    Now I just said in too many words what could have been said in TWO…GO TRUMP !!!

  • Eagle says:

    Myself, and every other Democrat as well as a majority of Independents agree with you–“Go Trump!” And we also add, “As soon as possible!”

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Nice twist to the school cheer…I knew you would take the obvious bait, but you are still you, and Trump is still President, and he will “GO” when his terms are up.

    Thankew and good evening.

  • Eagle says:

    Odds are currently even that Trump will be impeached or resign before his term is up.

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