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WASHU has hired Anthony Azama as director of athletics after serving as senior associate athletics director at Columbia University. . .About 32 Democrats are poised to snub Neil Gorsuch as President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court. Former veep hopeful Tim Kaine has also announced he will ditto. Gorsuch has pencilled in a visit to our town. . .U.S. Dist. Judge Henry E. Autrey has sentenced Daniele Keith Steele to seven years in prison. Steele of Rolla had pleaded guilty of a fraud scheme involving trading in foreign currencies and soliciting more than $2 million from 20 investors. . .Activist Frankie Muse Freeman has gotten the nod for Honorary Doctor of Letters from the SIUE commencement exercise committee. . .
it seemed like newly-elected St. Louis Sheriff Vernon Betts had a difficult time recalling where he parked his car. The new sheriff, with the car replete with his name painted on the side, was in front of 41 South Central Ave. Tuesday morning.  Then there was a trio of lovelies looking at a copy of Sports Illustrated (swimsuit edition) at World News. “There is no way she’s a size twelve,” exclaimed one of the blondes as she tossed the magazine back into the news rack. And awaiting commuters at the Metro Garage were Proposition P flyers in support of the ballot measure on their windshields.
 HISTORIC 1882: 135 Years ago the Brown Stockings got charter membership in the American Baseball Association. The team was owned by some beer barons including Chris von der Ahe. The Brown Stockings eventually became the St. Louis Cardinals.
MARCH 30: 1943, our town’s Cella family  became original investors in the landmark Rodgers & Hammerstein musical “Oklahoma!”; 1970, Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew” was released; 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot and wounded by John Hinkley, III.


  • KITTY says:

    Yes, the constipated Snow Flake Democratic senators will vote en-masse against our next Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Another impotent attempt to try to show they are still relevant. They will scream and fight and bitch and moan for the next four years in an attempt to stop the Trump agenda, all for naught. Let them filibuster Gorsuch. Mitch will Nuke em’ into further oblivion when he lowers the number of votes needed to confirm Gorsuch to 51. Let the Dems wallow in the muck and mire Harry Reid made for them. If Mitch lowers the vote total, rest assured Trump will appoint 3-4 more judges before his first term is finished. AND THAT WILL TRULY MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! – BIGLY!! And Glory to God in the Highest that the obnoxious obstructionist Senator Shumer is leading the Dems right over the cliff of oblivion and straight to hell where they’ll burn throughout eternity! Trump wins again. But the #1 Biggest Winner is America, and for that, I applaud the Democrats for making it all happen!

  • Eagle says:

    Kitty…The Republicans stole Obama’s nomination. Had they respected the Constitution and given Judge Garland his due process, they still could have voted him down, thus refusing his confirmation. As a result of the Republicans’ unethical action, the Democrats are now likely to retaliate, forcing the Republicans to change the senate rules to seat Judge Gorsuch. Changing the rules is something neither Republicans want to do, but if it happens it will because of Republican intransigence.

    In today’s dysfunctional congress, the 60-vote requirement in the senate makes a lot of sense as it forces bipartisan cooperation to get anything accomplished. In my opinion, requiring bipartisan cooperation is only a plus for the republic.

    That said, the Republican’s refusal to give Judge Garland due process has only accentuated the state of war in congress. It calls to mind Lincoln’s words, taken from the bible: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Lincoln, a wise man, was a Republican. If he saw how his party operated today, he would disavow it.

  • KITTY says:

    I knew you’d post such a response to my comments, Eagle. As good as you try, you cannot refute the truths of my comments. The Democrats made The House Divided! No one else to blame. Now they are paying the price of their past wicked deeds! Their rooster have come home to roost! And bet your life, if the tables were turned, no GOP SCOTUS nominee would have made it out of committee, ala Garland. Yes, and if FDR, Truman, Kennedy and LBJ were alive today, they’d all convert to the GOP, ashamed and disgusted that the modern day Dems have destroyed the Democratic Party as they once knew it.

  • djc314 says:

    Not a comment for this but thought you would be interested to hear the head honcho from Iheart radio in st louis, Beth Davis is no longer there…

  • Eagle says:

    Kitty…you write that the Democrats created the congressional divisions/warfare. How?

    The Republicans refuse to take part in the creation of so-called Obamacare after Sen. McConnell issued a declaration of war on anything Obama proposed. And that has been the pattern since. So what am I missing?

    By the way, you might remember Sen. Danforth’s op-ed declaring he wanted his party back when the party lost its strong group of moderates. Since the Tea Party (Freedom Caucus) gained strength, the Republican party has been in a state of intraparty warfare. How am I wrong?

  • KITTY says:

    Eagle, you quickly and conveniently forget Harry Reid was most likely the biggest obstructionist in the history of the senate. He refused to allow any bills from the House to come up for a vote. Zilch! Now all the Dems in both houses spew hate for Trump every time they speak on either floor. No time i n modern history has a party constantly and consistently degraded one our presidents. If that’s not organized division then nothing else will ever be. Danforth, a decent man, was out of step with the conservative majority who swept Trump to victory. Just like Romney and Kasich.And the more hate and obstruction they bring forth, the more they will lose.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Since everyone knows that I am to the right of RUSH…Kitty makes the better argument by the simple fact that between Slimy Schumer and Dirty Harry, I have never witnessed such obvious rancor by the libs that although taking on water and getting a sinking feeling, loudly and gladly throw the party line and claim victimhood besides, and portray Republicans as little satans for their merry wages of sin against all, and all should take up arms and follow the lemming.

    To note 2016 when Schumer was all up for fighting ALL tax cuts for any reason, his own State of New York was offering total tax-relief and abatement so that business would have an incentive to move to New York. UPCHUCK.

    I still might in my own mind exactly why liberals are so liberal, and conservatives so evil…it confounds me.

    The preceding is an OPINION.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    …I acknowledge the fact that my keyboard must have a syntax all it’s own…use free association.

  • ino2 says:

    OMG! I don’t believe mine eyes! Eagle and Kitty actually had nice gentlemanly back and forth comments……………no rancor, no name calling or this the beginning of a new conversational relationship between these two stalwarts of Berger’s Beat? I think we all hope so!!

  • TOWNCAR says:

    ^^^In Bergers Beat all things are possible.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…How can you decry the “rancor by the libs” while using rancorous terms like “Slimy Schumer” and “Dirty Harry.” With such little self-awareness, maybe you and your team are the “little satans” without even realizing it. Just an observation, old man.

  • Eagle says:

    Kitty…the address above is a rather lengthy Politifact article examining the claim that Harry Reid was locking out bills generated by the house. The claim was examined in an analysis with the header “Rep. Lynn Jenkins blames Harry Reid for ‘do-nothing Senate'”

    The bottom line section of this thoroughly detailed examination reads thusly:

    “Jenkins said that in the “do-nothing Senate,” there are 352 House bills “sitting on Harry Reid’s desk awaiting action,” including 55 introduced by Democrats.

    “In some cases, committee chairs — not Reid — may be blocking or moving slowly on these bills. In other cases, senators are working on their own alternative bills on the same topic. Meanwhile, the claim oversells the degree of bipartisanship in the House; a majority of the Democratic-sponsored bills she cites are relatively minor pieces of legislation.

    “Ultimately, Jenkins places all the blame on the Democrats and the Senate, but experts agree that it takes two to tango. Both parties and chambers have played a role in creating the current legislative dysfunction. On balance, we rate the claim Half True.”

    Given this analysis, it appears your charge is mostly Republican dogma in which the Democrats are always the no-good villains. Yes, a state of war exists in congress. But it’s a far more complex issue than white hats v. black hats. As Politifact summarizes, both parties and both chambers are guilty of the current state of affairs. You should be pissed off at both parties.

  • cynical says:

    I agree that both houses are at fault in perpetuating a do-nothing Congress, but I truly believe that the lack of action was personified by “Dingy”, not “Dirty” Harry.

  • Eagle says:

    Do you remember the term used to describe the Republican party as the “party of no”?
    Did you hear Speaker Ryan indicate that the Health Care debacle has shown that the Republicans have yet to learn how to govern instead of just stand in the way of legislation? These are just two examples of why Democrats such as myself assign the majority of the blame for the dysfunctional congress on the Republicans while readily admitting that Democrats also deserve a share of the blame. Simplistic is white hats v. black hats. But that doesn’t mean one party deserves more of the blame than the other.

    What I think is needed is a summit where the leadership of both parties can discuss these issues in front of an impartial third party, let that party render judgement, then put it all behind us and move on to cope with some of the daunting issues that confront us.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    ^^^Opposite side of the political fence again. As the last line reads, it’s an OPINION, and as usual you will disagree with everything I posit from a conservative point. I use Slimy and Dirty aka Dingy as being proper adjectives to describe their actions proven by their own actions.

    In your own way Eagle, you are more partisan than myself. I’m sure you will disagree.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…Yes, it is your OPINION. And as such, it is rancorous, something you suggest in your post of 4:33PM that only the enemy libs are guilty of. Bottom line: Your choice of words reveals you to be a hypocrite. (Don’t lose any sleep over it. We are what we are.)

  • Eagle says:

    Jeramy…Expousing liberal thought is not hypocrisy. Better look up the definition since you apparently have no idea of what the word means. As you say, “we are what we are.” And in your case, that’s a dumb asshole.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Hey, I don’t mind Eagle’s vapid comments, in fact if I get a rise, I must be doing something right. I believe Eagle is just a product of being brought up in liberal influences, or maybe he (has) overbearing puritanical parenting and is showing his rebellious side.

    He does present facts, backs them up with factual opinion, even tho he willingly espouses his side, when he reads my conservative side, my “facts” are entirely the way I observe, deduce, and conclude that there are brown recluses in the woodpile. So that’s the way it is.

    Do not for one moment believe that I read Eagle’s ripping ramifications of my repose, and break out is anguished tears and self flagellations…nope…just another’s view that I happen to disagree with, but am actually more interested in why he views the way he views, and to try and project his views as I should see them.

    Info gathering, and no tears, just wonder why…?

  • Eagle says:

    Jeramy…You simply don’t know what you are talking about. In over a year of posting I have used two profanities. One was “asshole” (above), and one was the mf word. What you post is your assumptions. Wrong, moron.

    Why don’t you amaze my fellow rationale posters and actually contribute something positive to Jerry’s site? Until you do, I and others who find you to be an offensive nobody will simply consider you a pile of dog excrement on the Berger’s Beat sidewalk.

    Until you prove otherwise, I will have to continue to assume you don’t know squat about anything meaningful. Yes, things have changed since the ’50s. Today creatures like yourself seem to believe that normal people actually want to hear from the cerebrally impoverished. Grow up, fool, and put up or shut up.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…I assume your incredibly wordy post is your way of saying, “You’re right.” You should realize that self-contradiction isn’t a felony. In fact, you have demonstrated a maestro’s mastery of the technique over the last year. Bravo. Let’s drink to less rancor–intended or inadvertent.

  • cynical says:

    “incredibly wordy”? That’s the pot calling the kettle black, in 500 words or less!

  • Eagle says:

    Cynical…Do you expect me just to write “so true” or “you’re wrong”? Generally I adhere to the following format: attention grabber, topic sentence, knock down opponent’s argument, provide evidence for my position, summary/call to action.

    If my posts are too much for you, ignore them. I do have a tendency to be intellectual, too much education, too many important issues written about, too thorough, I suppose.

    So make yourself happy. Just read those posts that don’t alarm you with, uh, too many words.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    It should be English 101…”Brevity is the should of wit.” To try and explain every minutiae (that’s mine-you-shay) for the less informed, is why I just express opinions the way I as a conservative soul feels about the topic, and let the dubious, the dullards, and the disenchanted take it from there.

    The “old Retied1” had that down to five words or less…usually using vile, pedophile, and priest as his backstop.

    Where “it” is today, Retired1 put his entire cookies into Hellary and lost…and I miss him like I missed Scarlet Fever, and the age of polio. I saw first hand an “Iron Lung” encasing a friend, and I was upset for a week…%hank God and Dr. Jonas Salk.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Again I don’t know how “soul” became should…sometimes I wonder about inhabitants of Mars being little devils.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    Acxtually , in a way, “should” fits in an accidental way…I wish I could edit after the fact…but there is that thing called time…which I now waste trying to explain my errors.

  • Eagle says:

    TC…”Brevity is the soul of short.”

  • TOWNCAR says:

    And I would think that “short is the soul of brevity.”

  • Eagle says:

    Exactamente! But only “Breity is…” will be enclosed in Chinese fortune cookied. It’s a very short story.

  • TOWNCAR says:

    To say in fewest sentences what others say in an entire book.

    Life is too short to stuff a mushroom.


  • Eagle says:

    Life is too serious to take seriously.

  • Eagle says:

    Go away, slimeball. Your words mean nothing. You are nothing. Why don’t you show your post off to your parents–they’ll be so proud to see what their child has become.

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