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While WashU students did a sit-in for cutting ties with Peabody Energy, the university was opposing a performance by Palestinian-American slam poet
Remi Kamazi. Students claim Peabody is an “evil organization destroying not only indigenous communities but also the environment. The university has landed generous funding from Peabody.


  • Great Caesar's Ghost says:

    Being a Wash U grad…I guess they are back to student protesting, a genuine College course…back in my day it was “Free Angela Davis”…I had my own sign that said “F***K Angela Davis. I’m not very tolerant when it comes to protests.
    The WU power plant got a large truck of coal 2x a week, an they were using “scrubbers” way before Utility companies did…so the smoke emitted was half what would normally come from the coal. But students are a restless bunch, and they always will be.

  • Great Caesar's Ghost says:

    BTW…The former Towncar07 will be coming by my house with a case of shotgun shells from the new Gander Mountain store in Fenton, I may ask him to say a few words to his former adversaries…we’ll see.

  • KITTY says:

    Tell Towncar07 he is sorely missed. Get him to come back now!

  • RETIRED1 says:

    Clowncar07 couldn’t explain why there are so many pedophile Catholic priests raping innocent children that he supports with his tithes and church membership so he fled this site!

  • Great Caesar's Ghost says:

    And now…having gotten my case of 12GA shotgun shells on sale at the new Gander Mountain Store in Fenton, I proudly present, let’s give it up big for Towncar07…

    Hello BergerFriends…I felt that my presence was just becoming a verbal shouting match, so I moved on and left it in the capable hands of Clark Kent’s Metropolis Editor’s fave expression. I would like to give my best to the few posters that show intelligence and offer insightful dialogue. I give my guarded best to those that try and see thru the fog of discussion and try to make a point. And I leave my least hope, although it may spring eternal, there is no hope for those stuck in a warped groove that does nothing but invite either sarcasm, or ignorance. However, in following some of the comments since leaving, I have crossed the River Styx and might even agree with the Tired1…this abuse has gotten way out of hand, and to borrow the Ghost’s term, “A tar-pit of shame” it’s just so wrong. I did attend Chaminade, and corporal punishment was brutal, but I never encountered any sexual deviation. That being said, carry on as you will, and at least do some serious reflection and offer intelligent insight to your posts. Thank you, and Good night, and good interaction.

    That’s the word from the “ClownCar”…and he is on the record, he does drive a Towncar. I think many thought so all along.

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