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Happiness is:
Rams season ticket holders are getting news that the team’s “Season Ticket Member Experiences” program is now being offered on iPhone or Android mobile phone. “This program,” reads the notice, “delivers memorable St. Louis Rams experiences to members at training camp and during Rams home games.”
Happiness also is. . .
A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house, the first bite of broasted chicken at Frank & Helen’s in U. City, a perfect BBQ at Sugar Fire, the Brahms First by the Symphony, browsing through Macy’s without being tailed by a black-adorned employee, lighting your cigarette while the doctor on the phone tells you your lungs are fine, living just behind your means and getting away with it, Gov. Jay Nixon being named Ambassador to Ruritania, watching on YouTube the documentary of “The Golden Girls,” an airline that’s cheap, fast and on time, a weekly pseudo society magazine without the mug shots of Maxine Clark, Marilyn Fox, Mike Neidorf, Tim and Kim Eberlein or Trish Tobin.
Still getting a kick out of being a St. Louisan.



Michael Sam, the Mizzou gridder who didn’t make the NFL roster, is expected to play Saturday in Calgary with the Montreal Alouettes. The first openly-gay player drafted by an NFL team – the Rams in 2014 – Sam has signed a two-year contract with the Canadian team.


Frequently positioned among the most powerful voices in sports media, Bob Costas, 63, is set to host the 2016 Rio Olympics – his 11th. His professional broadcasting debut was on KMOX and nowadays he’s known as “the dean of pundit.” He’s the go-to sports guy on NBC’s “Today” and “Nightly News.” Reportedly, Costas refuses to use social media because “It’s just vitriol and ignorance.”


A few more hours of fame for the St. Louis Metropolitan Taxi Commission chairman Lou Hamilton and his pal, commissioner J. Kim Tucci, in declining to vote on changes proposed allowing Uber to operate in the City of St. Louis and St. Louis county.


Bill O’Reilly’s next: “Killing Reagan,” due to hit the bookstores Sept. 22. Should be another best-seller following the success of his “Killing Lincoln,” “Killing Jesus” and “Killing Patton”. . .A chilling page one New York Times story details an unprecedented 110-day, 10,000 nautical mile pursuit of the world’s most egregious illegal fishing vessel by “eco-vigilantes.” The connection to Missouri, the pursuing ship was named after Bob Barker, the one-time Springfield resident, Missouri Hall of Fame inductee, “The Price is Right” host, Drury College grad and animal rights activist.
WHEN WILL THOSE ALLEGATIONS AND ACCUSATIONS end against presidential hopeful Donald Trump and his family? Well, here’s one more. Photos keep popping up of his sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, killing exotic animals on a hunt. One pic has the boys posing with a lifeless cheetah; another with Donald Jr. clenching a bloody knife and a sawed off tail of an elephant.
WHILE THE CARDINALS AND CINCINNATI REDS PLAY TONIGHT, let’s remember that on July 30, 1947 the Reds’ 16-game unstoppable ends losing to the N.Y. Giants 5-4. Also on July 30: In 1975 Teamsters chief Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in suburban Detroit; In 1965 President Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare bill; in 1898 William Kellogg invented Corn Flakes.




Quinnipiac Poll: Colorado voters support 63-32 percent in favor of the death penalty for James Holmes. He is the 27 year-old who was convicted of shooting and killing 12 and injuring 70 people in an Aurora, CO Century movie theater.


Today in 1945, the atomic bomb was being transported to the base where it was to become loaded on the Enola Gay in the final days of World War II. Then on Aug. 6, a uranium gun-type atomic bomb (Little Boy) was dropped on Hiroshima. On Aug. 9, a plutonium implosion-type bomb (Fat Man) was dropped on the city of Nagasaki. Before he became Chancellor of Washington University, Nobel Prize-winner Arthur Holly Compton served in the leadership of the Manhattan Project Metallurgical Lab that contributed to the first nuclear weapons and subsequently Japan’s surrender to the allies. Ethical justification is still being debated.

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