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The glutenous haven, 801 Chophouse in Clayton, is across the street from
where Luciano’s once stood in the cavernous space near Marriott’s Ritz
Carlton. It will soon be occupied by 801 Fish for those not seeking a
carnivorous carnival. But for chop and steak lovers, can anyone attest
to the quality of yesteryear steakhouses? We had Ruggeri’s on The Hill,
the original Tenderloin Room at the Chase and the magnificent prime rib
of beef at the old Cheshire.
Speaking of eateries, it came as news from a wholesale food vendor that
the top grossing restaurant in 2014 was Annie Gunn’s at $7 million and
the runner up – the three Sugarfire stops at $6.5 million.


Flak and blogger Scott Talley has penned a laudatory look at our town’s Dick Gregory (and compares him, unfavorably with Bill Cosby). Talley’s piece, “The great Dick Gregory and a case for keeping it real,” claims that the comedian/satirist/health advocate “declined invitations to appear on the “Tonight Show” hosted by Jack Parr until the show agreed that he could sit on the sofa after his stand-up performance and actually talk to Parr,” making Gregory “the first black guest to be granted the honor”. . .Let the mud-slinging begin! Former south city alderman Tom Bauer has sent an early negative campaign mailer blasting incumbent Scott Ogilvie. It charges that against the wishes of neighbors, Ogilvie backed “an Apted brothers’ Clayton Avenue high-rise plan” and a tax break for the Cheshire hotel.
MISSOURI LAWYERS WEEKLY has named “the 2015 best newsmakers behind the news.” The honors will be presented at 11 a.m. tomorrow at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark. Here are a few:
Lawyer of the Year: Gay marriage, MO death penalty, Ferguson: Missouri ACLU legal director Tony Rothert
Influential lawyers: County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch; Mayor Francis Slay; U.S. Dist. Judge Ronnie White; State Sen. Jolie Justice, Rep. Stan Cox and Eric Jennings
Plaintiff’s attorney with the most reported verdicts/judgments: Daniel Thomas (Independence)
Defense attorney with the most reported verdicts/judgments Bradley Hansmann (Brown & James)
Some of the lawyers securing the largest reported defense verdicts/judgments in the state: Karrie Clinkinbeard and Lynn Hursh (Armstrong Teasdale); Kenneth Bean and Bobbie Moon (Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard); Kenneth Brostron (Lashly Baer); James Bennett; Gabriel Gore; Jennifer Aspinall and Megan Heinsz (Dowd Bennett) and Roger Denton, Kristine Kraft, Ashley Brittain-Landers (Schlichter Bogard & Denton).


During the martinis, the wines, the coffee and cognacs, the pressure becomes too intense for those who must use a bathroom. No luck, because there are long lines, forced to hold their noses in the outdoors construction site potties or find a bush. Now, Webster Groves entrepreneur Gregory Haug has a solution with his Posh Event Cottages. They are actually luxury restroom trailers with faux wood floors, porcelain plumbing fixtures, air conditioning, LED lighting, music, candles and fresh flowers.
Now that the Budweiser ads have a follow up to last year’s “Puppy Love” titled, “Lost Dog,” has been revealed, here are a few more: “Ted 2,” which will have N.E. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as a potential sperm donor touting the film for Universal Pictures; in a Kia Sorrento commercial, Pierce Brosnan of James Bond fame plays himself realizing his agent’s idea for his next role is out of the box. BTW: Last year’s Bud ad garnered 56 million views on social video advertising.
Super Bowl XXXIV – 15 years ago – the Rams beat the Tennessee Titans 23-16.


Listen to Dad – he knows! Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich is expected to announce his candidacy for state governor on or about Wednesday. Schweich is a Republican and grad of Harvard Law School. He is a conservative financial author and commentator and the son of a Jewish dad, Jules Schweich, who ran the air shows at some of the earliest V.P. Fairs on behalf of his former employer Famous-Barr. Meanwhile on Wednesday, former U.S. Navy SEAL Eric Greitens is rumored to be heading for Jeff City for support from lawmakers for his gubernatorial bid. Greitens, also a Republican, was raised Jewish.



Ready? Go. The golden age of entertainers from our town includes: Marty Bronson (nee Brownstein); Stan Kann; Grace Bumbry; Redd Foxx; Vincent Price; Nelly; Betty Grable and Billy Shepard, whose magic lives on. Born and raised here as Herman Rombom, he was 8 years-old when he did radio, 18 years-old when he signed with RCA Records, met his wife, Judi Jourdan 50 years ago and the singing duo continues to work out of N.Y.C. . .WashU’s Student Life has begun a survey (anonymously) of students on “sex-related trends and patterns”. . .Research by Mizzou and the University of Glasgow finds that girls outperform boys in educational achievement (non sex-related). . .Anheuser-Busch has spent $152 million on Super Bowl commercial advertising since 2012. Super Bowl XLIX is expected to fetch $352 million from all ads. Cheapest ticket right now averages $4,800. Weather temp during the game forecast to be in the 70s.
CARDINAL TIMOTHY DOLAN WAXES POETIC about reportedly loving the Big Apple. But he’s been caught dissing both NYC and its signature newspaper, The New York Times, during a talk yesterday in West Virginia. Complimenting the mountainous state as “almost heaven,” Dolan then called NYC “almost purgatory.” He also urged Catholics to not let “outside distractions such as polls, rap music, and newspaper editorial pages, especially The New York Times” to influence their decisions.



Former Guv of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, has reportedly been named top adviser to Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner. I hadn’t seen her since she was 12, the daughter of Millie and Richard Cutter, a pharmacist with the Glaser Drug Co. I worked with Richard as a drug clerk at a few Glaser stores while still in high school. Our friendship continued well until he married  Maria, and moved to Los Angeles and then to Hawaii. One day, we had lunch at the Hilton Hawaiian and reminisced over the good old times. He was reminded of when I was young and somewhat innocent. I fielded a phone call from a Dr. Farrell - a frequent customer. He asked me to fill a prescription for several Fallopian tubes that he needed ASAP. Desperately, I ran through the drawers in the pharmacy department to find one labeled “Fallopian tubes.” To no avail. I phoned the doc with an apology. He roared with laughter.
Glaser’s was founded by the late Morris Glaser, whose gutsy, hard-driving personality could’ve compared with that of Gen. George S. Patton. Cutter phoned him one day to explain he had to leave the store because his wife was in labor. “My wife had two children and I didn’t leave my office,” shot back Glaser. Glaser oozed with charm in the 1930s when he summoned Charles Revson, co-founder of Revlon, a new line of cosmetics. To prepare for the meeting, Glaser ordered and served the best corned beef sandwiches around. Revson was pleased and the deal was hatched to begin the sale of Revlon at Glaser’s – the first store here to offer the products.
Cutter opened his own store at the intersection of Delmar and Union Boulevards. It had previously been Flom’s, directly across the street from Katz’s Drug Store (not affiliated with the Katz chain). One popular Katz store was in the Wellston loop.
That was the epicenter of my childhood.


There I was humming “The Blue Pajama Song” (“Why did I wear those blue pajamas before the big affair began?” – (ah, Buddy Moreno.) I put on my best tuckered bib and set out for the legal establishment. According to a reliable source, St. Louis county Circuit Judge Judy Preddy Draper granted a plaintiff’s motion requesting post-judgment interest at five percent a month on a $17.8k judgment. That’s 60 percent per annum. Even the mob never charged that much!. . .Some financial advisers are a bit nervous these days. The U.S. Dept. of Labor is poised to crack down on the commissions from the sales of 401(k)s and IRAs. . .Professor emeritus Stuart Loory at Mizzou School of Journalism has died at 82. . .Social networkers Mary Strauss and Joan Quicksilver recovering from serious illnesses. . .Scott Miller’s New Line Theater Off Line has taken a trashy turn in presenting at its adult cabaret the off-beat “Shootin’ the Sh!t,” bowing on Jan. 31 at the Kranzberg. On the mainstage March 5-28: “Jerry Springer at the Opera.”
ANOTHER WINTER WILL BE DYING as we look forward to the green lawns of summer, tawny as Hemingway’s Africa. That brings to mind Ernest Hemingway and his generous praise of late St. Louisan Josephine Baker: “She’s the most sensational woman anyone ever saw,” he wrote. In the 1920s, Baker sent France and then Broadway afire with a scandalously bare dance act. She devoted her life to fighting racism. Her adopted son, Jean-Claude Baker, was found dead from an apparent suicide at 71 this week at his home in East Hampton, N.Y.


The artists starved well at Little Bohemia and slept well on the landing. Lightning years before, Robert Campbell, Firmin Desloge, Adolphus Busch and William Lemp built the mansions that ended an era. There were the distant sound of dance bands in hotel lobbies. Our town lived on dreams (George Caleb Bingham,  not Picasso) The city was a hodge-podge that grew clumps of accidental beauty. There are halos on streetlights over empty sidewalks that knew the tread of feet long ago. Car lines – City Limits, Delmar, Wellston and Hodiamont – were buried without funerals.There remain venal parking lots where lovely buildings once stood and where the AT&T and General American buildings seem like tombstones.
Have we forgotten prize-winning oyster stew at the Racquet Club, pickled pigs feet at the Garavelli bar, hot fudge sundaes at Velvet Freeze, Spanish bun at Dorr & Zeller, black forest cake at Pfeifer’s Bakery, turtle soup at Pelican’s, barbecue at Ed”s White Front, hot bagels at Pratzel’s Bakery,heavenly hash and molasses puffs at Mavrakos and Busy Bee and joyful glasses of mint juleps at Busch’s Grove, gin fizz, gin rickey’s and pink ladies at area guzzling palaces?
How could they all go so soon?

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