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During an unbearably hot Aug. 29, 1904, the third “Modern Olympics” opened on what is now Francis Field on the campus of WashU. Also known as “Games of the III Olympiad,” there were 651 athletes of which only six were women. It was the first time the summer Olympics was held outside of Europe. . .Fast forward 110 years: a caravan of Corvettes is heading toward Bowling Green, KY from nearby southern Illinois on the 20th anniversary of the iconic sports car. Bowling Green is the birthplace of the car and where rests the National Corvette Museum. More than 10,000 people and 4,500 cars are expected there over Labor Day. . .Apple’s next iPhone will feature its own payment platform involving NFC. . .USA Today/Suffolk University poll shows that Mitt Romney leads among the most likely 2016 Iowa Republican caucus voters as GOP presidential nominee. . .Dr. Michael Baden, former NYC Chief Medical expert and forensic pathologist on Michael Brown’s death: “His family hasn’t seen toxocology and forensic information. The prosecutor and D.A. are not leaking information. The first mistake was not immediately removing him to the mortuary.”
FRANCIS has now been Pope for a nearly year-and-a-half and continues to leave ex-St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke in limbo. The controversial prelate, now a cardinal, still heads the church’s highest court, the Apostolic Signatura in Rome, but hasn’t been officially re-appointed by the pontiff as is customary, according to noted Catholic blogger Rocco Palmo.


Members of Local 88 Food and Commercial Workers at markets voted last night to strike. Members include those who work at Dierbergs, Schnucks and Shop ‘n Save in the meat, deli and seafood departments. If they strike, count on scabs to run the departments. There’s a 24-hour window for the stores’ management to respond to the union’s contract demands.


This year, the greatest dramatist of all time, William Shakespeare, would turn 450 years-old next month. No doubt, if he were alive today, he’d probably get an invite to attend “Corpus Christi: Playing with Redemption.” The play will hit the boards Sept. 25-29 at Webster U’s Moore’s Auditorium. It depicts Jesus as a gay man living in modern-day Texas. . .During the violence in Ferguson, tear gas grenades were pitched. Reportedly, the gas can cause miscarriages. That may be a pro-life issue. . .Note to KSDK news chief Mike Shipley: How many more kiddies being hired? During the 6 p.m. news block Tuesday, there were two new additions: Jennifer Meckles, who read her notes on camera; Alex Schulman. Awful! On the other hand, there was pro reporter Farrah Fazal, always a treat to watch.


Former hometowner/scribe Tim Townsend has penned “Mission at Nuremberg: An American Army Chaplain and The Trial of the Nazis.”  It details a Lutheran pastor from Missouri who shepherded six notorious Nazis to the gallows. Should be a great read. However, the most concise and riveting book on before, during and following the Nuremberg trials was scribed by the late Whitney Harris of St. Louis and titled, “Tyranny on Trial.” Harris served as barrister at the trials under Chief U.S. Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson. Harris was married to the late do-gooder, Jane Harris. BTW: Townsend now toils for the Pew Research Center in D.C.


The two Red Rack Thrift Stores seem to be successful judging from the filled parking lots. At the bottom of a sign: “Owned and operated by the Disabled American Veterans.” Nowhere is it noted “not-for-profit.” A discussion with several staffers yielded that they’re all salaried and the owners are Doug DePew and James Hayworth. You’ve gotta’ wonder what they’re earning as owners. Only the IRS knows. . .A honeymoon that began at Pumpernickel’s Deli. That’d be our town’s Rachel Kopf, a performer/speech therapist, and Brooklyn’s Julian Velard, a musician. The couple resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. . .County Assessor Jake Zimmerman and his wife, Megan, have welcomed to our world Gabriel Charles Zimmerman. “He’s demanding to know when he can start putting up yard signs,” stated proud pop. . .”B.J.’s BBQ” has sprouted at Manchester and McCausland – in front of OK Used Cars. Bosslady is Angie Lampert. . .Missouri Lawyers Weekly will bestow laurels on the “Up and Coming 2014″ barristers on Oct.3 at the Chase Park Plaza. Law Firm Leaders: Winston Calvert; Sara Neill; Tracy Ring. Public Service: Casey M. Clark of the Office of Mo. Secretary of State; Andrea Long, Legal Services of So. Mo.; Eric Schmitt.
Mentors: Willie Epps, Jr.; Maurice Graham, Mark Hillis and Kimberly Norwood of WashU. Honorees include: Laura Krebs Al-Shathir; Apollo Carey; Brian Cooke; Jennifer Growcock; Mary Jane Judy; Kris Kappel; Ryan Keane; Greg Kratofil; Meghan Lamping; Travis McCallen; Brandon Mueller; Jason Schwent; Kelly Simon; Cori Turner; Krishna Walker; Bradley Yeretsky. Presenting sponsor: St. Louis University School of Law. 




That’s the headline in a Politico story, that reads there are long odds
against his going to jail. Among the reasons: “We trust and depend on
police to protect us” and “the background of the participants affect the


N.Y. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on cop-bashing plague: “It’s a general push against policy. Not just New York or Ferguson. It’s like anti-law and order in the 90s.The pendulum will swing. Congress now talks of supporting police, who are growing unsupported.”


 Reporters from across the country swooped down on the crisis in Ferguson and filed stories on every angle. Some have bolstered our region; others have blemished it. The Washington Post jumped on the bandwagon by assigning reporter Chico Harlan to our town. He wrote a lengthy article titled, “In St. Louis, Delmar Boulevard is the Line That Divides a City by Race and Perspective.” To the immediate south of Delmar, “there are Tudor homes, a wine bar, a racquet club and a furniture store that sells sofas for $6k. That area is 70 percent white. To the immediate north of Delmar: knocked-over street signs; collapsing houses; fluttering trash; tree bare streets and weeds blooming from sidewalks.” That area, he points out, is 99 percent black.” Furthermore, he continued, “The break between races – and priviliege – is particularly drastic,” It is sometimes referred to as the “Delmar Divide,” a symbol of disconnect that stems from a legacy of segregation – legal and illegal. Harlan continued, “Once you cross Delmar – it’s a different world.”

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