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Money doesn’t make television stars happy. Is one of them with $2 million a-year happier than one with $1 million a year?  Morale is at an all time low at KSDK, Channel 5.  “There’s lots of animosity throughout the entire organization,” the trusted source told the columnist a few minutes ago. “Things are so bad that many employees have been put on furlough, positions cut, and hiring new people for very low wages. Weather forecaster Cindy Preszler was forced to take a pay cut. So, when offered a three-year contract, she turned it down and signed one for only two.” Much tension and turmoil at the station is over the new 4 p.m. show. Station bosslady Lynn Beal and news director Mike Shipley are the cause of all the tension, according to an insider, who explained, “They are so desperate to make a success of the show and their new lineup. Look for some personalities at KSDK to leave the station as quickly as possible.” Some of the newbies are so dull, the station should have a yawn track.At another station, the news director complained his computer crashed and he had to think all day. And, what’s with all those feet commercials?  There are the Good Feet Store, Feet for Life, Laurie’s Shoes and Chuck’s Boots. At one of them, a customer’s feet were so big, the staffer offered to measure her toes for shoes.

81 Responses to “CINDY PRESZLER’S PAY CUT”

  • Susie says:

    Do the newbies include Talia Kaplan? Dull describes her perfectly. Guess they hired her because she looks like one of the Boca “news sluts” . . .

  • Mark says:

    That’s harsh, Susie. Calling her “dull” is one thing; calling her a slut lacks any class. She’s someone’s daughter, sister, etc. You should be embarrassed by your comment.

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  • RETIRED1 says:

    They should cut Mike Bushes salary by 75% he is a terrible news reader

  • Rod Thorn says:

    I think Bree does just as good job as anyone. I also like Jasman on channel 4

  • Anonymous says:

    Where does Cindy think she can go??? She is an “over the hill,” middle aged and showing it, weather reader. Hundreds of young, fresh faced, outstanding physique, college graduates enter the market place every year looking for her job. And they are more pleasent to watch, which is what television is about.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yea, bring in one of those young college grads who knows nothing about anything and have them read the news or give us a weather report. Yea, that’s really a great idea.

    When they screwed ART, that’s when I left watching it – went to Channel 2 and at least they are having some fun and accurately reporting news, sports and weather.

  • chuck says:

    Talia is a very “stiff” and insecure reporter. She should not be on camera

  • eric says:

    Talia may be stiff. But she’s definitely a looker! What a bountiful chest…

  • Frank says:

    ERic, you are so right. She is the only thing worth watching. if she works what God gave her, she will go all the way to a national network. Go Talia! Yum

  • Tom says:

    I agree with the last two posters. Talia’s breasts are just incredible. And I love how she shows them off! Makes me hard every time!

  • Ed says:

    Talia has the best rack on that show!! Cindy thinks she is so hot but she has nothing on Talia Kaplan! And Cindy is just OLD.

  • Mark says:

    No that picture is definitely not her. She may have the same name but the breasts in that pic are small compared to KSDK’s Talia Kaplan.

  • Ed says:

    I now notice that a new format of weather reporting is being broadcast with Cindy in a full body format showing her legs and high heels that she’s so fanatical about. Nice if you can take it but she getting old too…but to an old guy like me…she still reminds me of a high school sweetheart that could be her double.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you people grow up?

  • Anonymous 2 says:

    Anonymous must be an old ugly miserable single woman. Too bad for you. Go somewhere else if you don’t want to read our thoughts about the lovely Talia Kaplan. It’s a free country!!

  • jean valjean says:

    All this about Tania Kaplan’s telegenic qualities remind me of a decade ago, when KSDK brought aboard a weekend meteorolgist named, I believe, Amy O’Toole. I don’t remember a single forecast because I never looked at the weather map or forecast. She would do a little bump ‘n grind with her hip and shoulder, and I’d forget whether to carry an umbrella or dress for a blizzard.

    It was quite a departure from years of Smilin’ John Fuller, whom Eric Mink once described as KSDK’s “earnest but bumbling” weathergoof. But, the little old ladies just loved “that nice, young” Smilin’ John, so he stayed around a long, long time.

  • Anonymous says:

    All you men are alike, looking at the boobs, whatever. You probably all need your Viagra to get it up anyway……Talia Kaplan is boring, droopy eyes, and has no personality. But, if a guy walked in with a big bulge in his pants, I guess we women will look. Ha ha!!! Kay Quinn wears the most matronly god awful outfits around. And all the women have to wear the sleeveless clothes because that is what Gwen, etc. have to wear,,,, their arms are not toned enough to do that…. shame on them.

  • Mike says:

    Lady, you crack me up. You must be pretty fat and miserable to diss Ms. Kaplan. Small boobs, maybe? Too bad; I thought so. And regarding getting it up… I’m a more than healthy 21yr old full blooded male. You couldn’t handle what I got in my pants! So keep on talking, no one is listening!

  • Thomas says:

    Wow. All this talk about Talia’s dull personality & incredible chest. You all need to get a grip. As for her reporting abilities, many people need some time to get acclimated and I think she’s gotten much better since her start. She also does a pretty good job when anchoring the incredibly lame ABC 30 news. It’s not her fault it’s lame, I blame her bosses. I’ve met her in person a few times. She’s very nice so cut her some slack. Besides, she’s also got a pretty nice tush.

  • Greg says:

    While you guys are going on about Talia. The hottest woman on local news KMOV’s new entry Sharon Reed is slipping by you. She, by far is the most beautiful news caster in St. Louis history. Period! That is all.

  • ricco says:

    Just waiting for Sharon Reed to begin her pole dance.

  • Greg says:

    Not real sure about the “pole dancing” comment about Sharon Reed. She IS however, gorgeous! She’s also a very accomplished newscaster with great news reading skills and a smooth intelligent personality. Certainly not the typical empty headed blond type only there for her looks. A welcomed sight and sound for the STL area.

  • Anonymous says:

    Who’s Sharon Reed? No one watches KMOV news

  • Anonymous II says:

    Greg and Annon, just google Sharon Reed nude pictures and you’ll see all. It is worth it.

  • Greg says:

    @Anonymos II,
    I googled her long before she got to KMOV when her hiring was just a rumor. She’s by far the best looking woman to happen to the local news scene. Ever, 5, 6and 10pm news on KMOV have become appointment TV for me until she leaves. KMOV management likely pulled the trigger for ratings and it worked!
    On top of her obvious visuals, she ‘s got a smooth sexy tenor voice too.

  • Anonymous says:

    News is news. In order for the delivery to be believable, someone credible has to deliver it. If it’s a sex object delivering it, it’s not credible.

    If you are so desperate to get your jollies by watching the KMOV news, you are in pretty sorry shape.

  • Greg says:

    Certainly, you’re entitled to your opinion. But, my opinion about your opinion is this: Why does it have to be ” one thing OR the other? Why can’t it be both? If a less attractive person delivers the news, how does that make it MORE credible? Joy can be obtained in a number of ways. I happen to enjoy seeing attractive women. There’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make me less of a person, husband, father, grandfather, son or brother. It doesn’t impact how I treat women in my day-to-day interactions with women. If you don’t care or are interested in hot looking women or men, fine! That’s you prerogative. But, this world is big enough to handle all kinds of people. Even people like you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Greg: You’re just horny. Nothing wrong with that. But if you have to get your jollies from watching some woman on a television newscast, I feel sorry for you.

  • Anonymous says:

    No, dear. “Horny” is an acute state. At the moment, I am not. “Jollies” ? Not sure exactly what that means. Do I enjoy watching attractive women on TV? Yes, I do. I also enjoy seeing attractive women at church, at the mall, at work, on the train, walking down the street, at the doctor’s office, at the grocery store, at a football game, at a baseball game, at a basketball game, at my voting precinct, at my dentist office, in print, at the museum, at the circus, at the zoo, at the beach, at the gas station, at Penn Station ( love those East Coast subs) at any resturant, in an operating room ( hopefully the last thing I see before they put me under), at funerals, at my house, at my neighbor’s house or basically anytime my eyes are open. YES I do! I cope to that. But, none of that has anything to do with the acute state of horny. Enjoying looking at attractive women and wanting to have sex with them are two separate entities. One doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other. You confuse appreciation of beautiful women and wanting to have sex with them as automatically synonymous. That can be a component if the circumstances allow. But, it’s far from my first consideration. My first consideration goes something like this: “my, she certainly is beautiful”. Then I move on with the rest of my life. See, not everything is dirty.

  • The Situation says:

    Didn’t realize this Sharon Reed you guys are so hot for was black until I googled her. Since I’m white and not into black chicks, she really doesn’t do anything for me. Talia Kaplan may not look like a stripper like Sharon but she’s still got it going on where it counts!

  • Overhaul says:


  • Overhaul says:

    ps …….you saying they made $2 million dollars ?
    does cindy preszler has any children or did you escape having children .

  • Chris says:

    So…..what’s the chances of Talia’s breasts being real? Just sayin….don’t believe everything you see or hear.

  • The Situation says:

    Chris, her tits are definitely real.

  • Dick Hertz says:

    I jackoff every time I see Talia

  • Chris says:

    Objectifying women like you guys do is just wrong. They are someone’s daughter, wife, etc. They are human beings. Leave them alone and get a life.

  • Overhaul says:

    Notice Karen Bloom has a wedding ring on finally …DOES SHE HAVE children ..IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW KAREN BLOOM AND JOHN FULLER ARE RELATED ,

  • Andrew says:

    I like Cindy I think she is sexy.

  • Dawn says:

    I think the prettiest, most poised, most classy, most professional newscaster is one that hasn’t been mentioned on this thread and that is Sandy Miller on Fox 2….I saw her in person shopping one time and she’s even more beautiful in person….but I’m a woman so I don’t know if my opinion really matters or not, but I just think she is very beautiful!

  • The Situation says:

    Cindy is pretty perky but she is old. Plus she wears that weird thing on her ankle all of the time. Bree Smith is pretty hot on 5. Nice body. However she is prego at present. Talia is still rockin’ it.

  • The Situation says:

    Chris, are you gay or something? What’s wrong with you? All men except you love to sexify georgous women unless they are gay or old and can’t get it up anymore. Hmm.. could be you.

  • The Situation says:

    Dick, I wish Talia would just turn into a weather woman so we could see more of that hot body!

  • Rick says:

    Jean…Amy O’Toole? I seem to remember her…was that her name? She was on briefly…what was her name????

  • Big E says:

    I too think that Talia is a very sexy woman……AND I’M BLACK!I also Think Mandy Murphy, Sandy Miller, Bree Smith, Cindy Prezsler, and especially the new hottie on Channel 4 Sharon Reed are all sexy women! We are blessed to have such beautiful women on our local news cast!

  • Big E says:

    I will say that the morning woman on Fox 2 at 4am, is so annoying that she turns me off to the third power!

  • Linda says:

    You are all being so disrespectful of women you should be ashamed. All of the news stations are on air to provide a service and that is to present the news. It is not to provide ridiculous conversations about which journalist or reporter has the best physical attributes, discuss their ages, gender, or race, all of which would be illegal in the hiring process. The manner in which you speak of these employees and how “dull or hot” they may or may not be is disgusting. If you feel the need to discuss their body parts or how your body parts react when you see theirs, why don’t you cruise to some of the more suitable sites available to you – I believe they are called porn sites – and you the rest of us don’t have to listen to what appears to be 5th graders talking like they are trying to write for Hustler Magazine. You are showing your ignorance and immaturity. Grow up!

    These people have worked hard for their education, paid a lot of money for it, and worked their way up the corporate ladder only to be slammed by people who are not in the least bit interested in the knowledge they have accumulated over the years. With age comes wisdom. And the comments about Cincy Preszler – I have no idea how old she is – but whatever her age, she is in very good shape and takes good care of herself.

    Go get a life. And an education.

  • jean valjean says:

    Linda, I hate to break this to you, but even the local TV news industry itself goes to considerable lengths to recruit and hire only “hot” people. Remember 30 years ago, when Patrick Emory (picture Will Ferrell from “Anchorman”, but much, much better looking) complained about the “sweaty palms” testing administered to viewers of prospective anchors’ demo tapes by Iowa-based Frank Magid and Associates?

    There are reasons some people in news go into TV…and some go into print or radio.

    Keep in mind the banner that used to dominate one local TV station’s newsroom: “Without video, we are radio.” As long as local TV news is a video medium, both its anchors and its (ahem) “news” stories will be keyed to the eyeballs and heartstrings of viewers, so if it bleeds…it leads.

    That’s why local TV news today is little more than YouTube with better lighting and grooming.

  • The Situation says:

    Linda, stop being such and old, religious, republican hypocrite. Because that’s what exactly you are! You don’t seem to mind that these educated women dress like they do. It’s because they WANT eyeballs! Get with the times and get out of your hole!!

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