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Nancy Schnoebelen and Joe Imbs

At Tuesday night’s Cardinals/Bank of America salute to the 2011 National League World Series, a brewery source divulged that AB iNBEV “is pissed off at Mayor Francis Slay for his friendly wager of Schlafly Beer over AB products with Arlington, TX Mayor Robert Chuck.” However, Slay’s chief of staff Jeff Rainford said, “It will be fixed.” Furthermore, the brewery source said the matter “has gone all the way up to top officials and some of them are vowing to withdraw all support of the city.” Rainford, with his daughter, Claire, a soph at Nerinx Hall, jammered with Husch Blackwell partner and real estate guru Gregory Smith. Across the buffet, RCGA’s

Colleen and Kurt Reinlein

outgoing chief Dick Fleming said when he steps down in December, he will turn to “the philanthropic sector.” His and wife, Sarah’s, heiress, Caitlin, is an intern at the White House. Brian Wahby, chairman of the St. Louis Democratic Central Committee, confided he will run for St. Louis Treasurer in the upcoming election. With Wahby were: his wife, Robbyn; J.C. Corcoran; John Ulett. Then, we learned from a City Hall tipster, that a new animal care facility will open in a building on West Florissant Avenue to replace the one on Gasconade Avene, that was built during World War II. Chef

Dr. Hashim Raza and Ken Reitz

extraordinaire Lisa Slay, who delights patrons at Remy’s, popped that her brother and sister-in-law David and Gail Slay of L.A., are bursting with pride that son, David Slay, Jr., is studying sports management at Bond University in Australia. U.S. Banks’ Joe Imbs introed Nancy Schnoebelen, “My significant other for three years,” he cooed. A trio of U.S. Marine recruiters got an earful about our town from Caseyville, Illinois’ Sgt. Matthew Tucker. Creve Coeur Camera’s Steve Weiss was on hand to snap pics with his ever-lovin’ gal pal, Jenny Cosby. Lodging Hospitality & Management’s Bob O’Loughlinsaid he’s awaiting word on Brownfields tax incentives

Dick Fleming and Mike Owens

and credits “and then we’ll decide what to do about restaurants,” at the Cheshire, he offered. Former Cardinal outfielder and Cardinals Care’s Ted Savage was the center of attraction in one area, while nearby geriatric specialist Dr. Hashim Raza ruminated with Ken Reitz, known as “The Zamboni” during his run with the Cardinals (1972-1975 and 1977-1980). Tom Villa was greeted and solaced on his bout with soil bacteria in his arm for which he’s undergone eight surgeries. Villa ran in the election for mayor, which was won by Freeman Bosley, Jr. Ald. Bosley, Sr.was spotted at the bar munching on dinner and stopped to say his

Ald. Freeman Bosley, Sr.

proposed $500 million development in the Salisbury strip in Hyde Park was uppermost in his mind. On hand at the gala were: Laninya Cason with KMOX sportscaster Mike Claiborne; Board of Aldermen’s Kacie Starr Triplett, Sam Moore with his wife, Linda; Marlene Davis; License Collector Mike McMillan and Laura and AON’s Kurt Reinlein. Colleen and Ron Watermon, Cards’ savvy PR and civic affairs exec, made the rounds to insure that all 2,500 guests were pleased with the buffet prepared by chefs from Baltimore, Cincy and elsewhere, the Cadence Drum Troop, the Clydesdale and Budweiser Beer Wagon, live painting by Kyle Lucks and Steve Shankman’s musical troupes.



U.S. Marine Sgt. Matthew Tucker flanked by Sgts. Alvaro Aro and Luis Pagan

Linda and Sam Moore, Kacie Starr Triplett, Mike McMillan and Marlene Davis









J.C. Corcoran, John Ulett, Brian and Robbyn Wahby

Steve Weiss and Jenny Cosby

Jeff and Claire Rainford and Gregory Smith

Laninya Cason with Mike Claiborne



Unabashed for their love of baseball, the crowds headed for Busch Stadium on Saturday and were braced for a win over the Cubs. The noise of the crowd was maddening.  Some cooed with the pigeons cooing back. Our town came to life as it has throughout all baseball seasons. The fun-loving baseball fans were a favored few in a world going panicky over the looming prospect of our nation on the prospect of financial crisis.  A few of the ticket-holders were sparked on their hopes for the future of Ballpark Village, which was occupied by huge equipment of the ESPN network. “I think they should make it a greenspace with a waterfall,” opined Blake ParrottJoe Moore: “Should be shops and condos.” Shannon Collins: “One huge bar.”


Tom Whittinger: “An interactive baseball museum for adults with batting cages.”  Upon entering the reception area, I learned from Jay Spoonhour, that his beloved dad, Charlie, had undergone a lung transplant at Duke University Medical Center. (Jay is currently athletic director and head basketball coach at Moberly Junior College.)  With him were Bob Ramsey, broadcaster on ESPN 101, Kevin Slaten of KFNS 590 and Tiffany Thompson, a court reporter in Jeff City. Then, commentator/conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart popped in from his L.A. base. “I love baseball!,” he shouted. Breitbart, who helped


Arianna Huffington launch The Huffington Post and served as an editor of The Drudge Report, boasted he was the first to expose the x-rated Andrew Weiner crotch-shot.  Breitbart’s blogs are:  Big Hollywood; Big Journalism and Big Peace. On hand were sports medicine guru Dr. Rick Lehman with pals from Baltimore – Dr. Juliana and Mark Mortenson, who own General Resonance, which “is investigating medications for use in oncology and arthritis, he explained. Others picking up their ducats for the game were: Andy Lottes; Lauren Kinsella; Meg Ellis; Eric Plume and Allison Edmonds  (Jim’s spouse) with their two children.



*After I tooled up to the 360 rooftop of the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark Hotel, I was met by owner Bob O’Loughlin and its creator Robert Amick, an owner of a number of restaurants throughout the country and designer of the rooftop at Chicago’s Wit Hotel roof. There was adulation among the revelers of visiting Chicagoans, vacationing Iowans, queens of the vestal virgins and proper people. Amick recalled,  “Bob O’Loughlincalled me and said he wanted a design for the creation of something different for the roof and he insisted I do it with steroids.” “We’re amazed that here it’s doing more business than at the Wit.


In fact, 360 was standing-room-only until 2 a.m. last Sunday.”  From atop the 25-story hotel, we could see the Mississippi 25 miles away and some revelers on the roof declared they saw and heard the U-2 concert at Busch. 360 Is truly a gift to our town. Just ask InBevAB topper Carlos Brito, who sipped a bottle of Bud there and remarked that he enjoyed seeing the Budweiser brewery sign from the roof. Amick is also creator of the born-again Cheshire Inn and Lodge under O’Loughlin’s banner. New rooms will open by Aug. 5 and the completed complex will bow next September.



Surrounded by lounge lizards at Annie Gunn’s Tuesday night, Bob O’Loughlin of Lodging Hospitality Management said that the award-winning Tony’s restaurant will be moving into his under-contruction makeover of the Cheshire Inn & Lodge in 2012. “It’s perfect timing, because that’s when the project will be completed,” said O’Loughlin.  He added, “Tony’s lease (in the Equitable Building) will be up then.  It’s the same time as U2 will be at the stadium (in July).”  He also mentioned that Bono will be stopping off at the Four Seasons during the engagement.


One of captivity’s super-best innkeepers, Bob O’Loughlin, chairman and ceo of Lodging Hospitality Management, said he hopes to reopen The Cheshire Inn & Lodge by June and it will fly the banner of The Cheshire. He also said talks are progressing with Vince Bommarito to land his landmark Tony’s in one of the four venues that will become available there. Before departing  for San Diego to ogle a Doubletree hotel, that he will dub a Hilton, he said he’s also on the prowl for a Hilton in Connecticut.  Presently, LHM has 20 hotels in its portfolio.  Seems like yesterday, that Bob married his glamorous wife, Kathy. They’re now marking their 44th wedding anniversary. Son Steve has become a rising force with LHM. Congrats to the family!


Then, Kathy and LHM’s Bob O’Loughlin joined Bruce and O’Loughlin suggested an outlet mall would be ideal for the Macy’s building, which was greeted with enthusiasm by Bruce. O’Loughlin also mentioned he’s seriously scouting for another hotel in Chicago to add to his booming portfolio.His moneybags is Mass Mutual. Copia owner, Eyad Tammas, (fondly referred to as E.T.), rules over the 15,000 square-foot dinery and comes there with strong credentials including stints at St. Louis and Old Warson country clubs and the Racquet Club. On a tour of the premises, E.T. proudly pointed out the tanks in which grape juice will be readied for producing house-made wine. Chef David Rook pitched in with a littany of his creations, that feature house-made, smoked trout, dry rubbed ribs, seafood gumbo, surf & turf of filet mignon and Alaskan king crab and oxtail soup.Spotted in the crowd-cruncher were: St. Louis magazine’s food editor (and arguably the most credible in the region) George Mahe; Crown Candy Kitchen’s Andy Karandzeff with his wife, Sherry; Debbie Schroer with E.T.; Jessica and Nick Kapfer; Amanda Constantinesco with Eric McFarland; Kim Rohlfing with Tehrrek; Tom and Kathy Reeves; Kara Gilmore with Rob Olsen; Tim Sansone; Joe DiMartino; Brad Cytron and Bryan Bruce.


Over at The Cedars, Florissant mayor Robert Lowery, Sr., for whom I had tremendous empathy, told the columnist, “People are beating the shit out of me! (Post-Dispatch reporter) Paul Hampel told me he followed me for five days. The proposal to change our charter is a smoke screen – a Trojan horse.  Just because 30-40 people don’t like me, they got Paul sold on it (an investigation).”  Also there was  Bob O’Loughlin, chief of LHM, who said that he will close in a month on the purchase of the Cheshire Inn and  Lodge.  He added, “We’ll tear down the restaurant and build a new one, that will connect with the hotel.” Other tidbits gathered there were:  HBO is lensing a documentary on the Pulitzer legacy and began by shooting in the offices of the daily newspaper; Lombardo’s restaurants is opening a fourth eatery in Arnold, Mo. The columnist’s coverage took place during the 30th anniversary of the St. Louis Port Council where Michael Sacco was front ‘n center. The labor leader, prez of the Seafarers International Union of North America, AFL-CIO, repping 4.5 million members, said, “We’re still recruiting young people for apprentice programs. There’s almost full employment. Ship owners are replacing old tonnage and building new.”  And the health care bill?  “It will help a lot of our people, but there’s so much missing.  People are confused and get nervous, because they don’t  understand it.”  With Sacco were his daughter and son-in-law, Angela and Dave Baker, principal of South Tech High School in Sunset Hills. Oddskins-bodkins! St. Louis Sheriff James W. Murphy bought a full-page ad in the program to heap kudos on the honorees – Patrick Kellett, James Murphy, Cong. Lacy Clay and Richard Kellett.


George Clooney and our town’s Bob O’Loughlin have teamed up to buy the Sofitel hostelry in Los Angeles. “We became friends, when we shot baskets at St. Louis University, when he was here on the shoot of ‘Up in the Air,”’ said O’Loughlin, who is chairman of St. Louis-based Lodging Hospitality Management. O’Loughlin also said he has under contract to buy the Cheshire Inn and Lodge, for which reconstruction should be completed by the summer of 2011. With LHM’s regional salesmanager, Barbara Koenig, at Il Bel Lago, O’Loughlin continued that his company is poised to buy the Wyndham Hotel in Chicago and Le Meridien in Dallas, Tex.

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